Popular Oculus Quest 2 Games of 2022

Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2

Joshua Gutierrez, Contributor

Have you ever played a Virtual reality game? Well the Oculus Quest 2 came out in October of 2020 and many people have been picking the headsets for Christmas in 2021. If you have thoughts of buying an Oculus, or newly known as Meta Quest it is around $300-$400 depending on the storage for the headset. The $300 headset has a storage capacity of 64GB or the $400 with 256GB.

Gorilla tag is a very popular game and only came out in February of 2021. Gorilla tag is a free app lab game and is very good for exercise while having fun. In gorilla tag you don’t have legs. This means players will swing their arms to move around and jump from place to place . There are three game modes in gorilla tag, they are infection, hunt, and classic. Infection is like a normal tag. someone starts as a lava monkey, and lava’s tag normal monkeys who help them tag everyone else. Hunt is like infection but the player has a watch that takes a player and their objective is to tag the person that’s on their watch. In classic there is no tagger it’s just for fun and to get better. Here’s some game-play to better understand how the game works.

Beat saber is a virtual reality rhythm game. Beat saber costs around $25-$30. There are 126 songs available to play with some of them being very hard to keep up with. Try to the the block the way the arrow is pointing and avoid trying to hit the bombs near the blocks. This is one of the hardest songs to do in Beat Saber. For people who like music, this game is for you.

Pavlov is a first person multiplayer VR shooter with many different game modes to play. A game mode that’s a very popular game mode is TTT, which is an abbreviation for Trouble in Terrorist Town. TTT has 11 roles: Innocent, detective, sheriff, tank, mercenary, survivalist, glitch. Solo roles are Jester and lone wolf. Traitor roles are traitor and assassin. Another fun game mode is Search and Destroy. There are 2 teams for one side. The goal is to plant the bomb and defend it until to goes off. if you on the other team your goal is to stop the people plating the bomb. If you’re a player that likes shooter games ,this is definitely for you.

There are plenty of more VR games out there. Some honorable mentions are Onward, Population: One, and Rec Room. But overall I think these games are worth the space on your Oculus. If you want to get an Oculus on your own, go to this website.