Top 5 Children’s Books


The Edie Is Ever So Helpful

Cordelia Byington, Editor

“Read me a bedtime story” is a very common thing for children to say at bedtime. But what books should you read to them? Today I am going to show you some of my favorite children’s books that are best for bedtime.

Edie Is Ever So Helpful is an awesome 32-page book about a witty, well-intentioned young girl that leaves a path of destruction in her wake! I chose this book because Edie shows a sense of confidence to the kids. Even if she messes up, she is still proud of herself and I think that is very important for children to see and learn.

Pig The Pug Is an astounding 32-page book about Pig, a selfish and greedy Pug. He has all the balls, bones, and chew toys a dog could want, yet he won’t share them with Trevor, his dachshund friend. He has no idea, however, that being greedy has costs. This book teaches kids about sharing and all of the consequences of their actions.

The Giant Jumperee is a spectacular 32-page book about a rabbit being chased out of his burrow by a ‘giant jumperee’. He then calls all of his pals to assist him. Confusion ensues until a great hero appears. I chose this book because it is a great book about braveness and that things might not be what they think. That is a great thing for kids to learn by not judging a person before you know them.

There’s A Monster At The End Of This Book is a magnificent 32-page book including readers going on an exciting adventure with Grover while he tries to stop them from reaching the end of the book, where they will find… A MONSTER. This is a really silly and interactive book and it shows children that it is ok to make mistakes kids really have a great time reading this book.

Lamma Lamma Red Pajama is a beautifully written book with 40 pages all about Baby llama in red pajamas being set to sleep while Mamma llama goes downstairs and gets distracted by the phone. Baby llama gets worried and starts hollering to mama llama waiting for her to come back. This book shows that it’s ok to be scared and that mamma was just on the phone and there was no reason to worry.

All of these books are great books, and I guarantee that whoever you read them to will like them too. Most of these Books come from the Dolly Parton Imagination Library, where children get free books every month until they turn 5 years old. This program is a great thing to look into if you have, or are planning to have, a kid in the future.