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El Salvador

Janet Madrigal Garcilazo , Contributor

Have you ever been to El Salvador? Well here are three popular foods and drinks that Salvadorans eat and drink. I have never been to El Salvador but I have tried pupusas which are Salvadoran food. A lot of people think that pupusas are from Mexican culture but they are from Salvadoran culture. I was one of those people. Just a couple of years ago I found out about that.

Did you know that pupusa come from El Salvador but it originated with the indigenous Pipil tribe over 2,000 years ago. While the 1980s civil war was going on in El Salvador. There are different ways people can make pupusas but the most known ones have chicken, cheese, and mixed (the mixed ones have beans, cheese, and pork). For the outside you need to make masa which is maseca and water (maseca is dehydrated corn flour). Most people put salsa on top, either red or green salsa and they top it off with curtido. If you don’t know what curtido is, it is vegetables that are in vinegar and oregano. Some people also add other things.

Every language has different ways to say some words. For example, Mexicans say caldo de res (beef broth) and Salvadorans say sopa de res. The first sopas originated in the Philippines. Some of the different types of sopas El Salvador has are de gallina india (home-raised chickens), res (beef), and pata (cow feet).

Horchata de Morro
People in ancient Egypt had already tried something similar. It got popular in Spain because of the Muslim conquest. Since then they have changed up the recipe a little. Instead of using tiger nuts from West Africa and Spain or using local tree seeds such as morro. Now they use white rice and cinnamon but they might still be using the ingredients they used to but more people use white rice and cinnamon.

Did you know that El Salvador’s nickname is the land of the volcanos. Lots of people don’t know about some of the Salvadorian cuisine. The most popular food is pupusas. Here is a video on how someone makes pupusas