Jobs In My Universe


How it looks like when taking care of a dragon

Sandy Salguero, Contributor

Do you think your job is crazy? Or you don’t get paid a good amount for what you do? Well, I can tell you, you don’t have a crazier job than some people do in my universe. As you could expect in a mythical imaginary universe, there are going to be some crazy jobs because we have dragons and unicorns that need to be taken care of. So, I will tell you about the interesting jobs we have and by the end I want you to tell me if you have to deal with worse things at your job.

The first job is a pretty ok job; unless you have had to deal with rude dragons, and sassy unicorns who think they are all that. This job is one most fairies have and it is called Animal Caretaker. In this job, you will travel around the universe helping animals and taking care of those who need help. Some animals just don’t want to do anything so it’s sometimes like taking care of a person who is really lazy. And just like any other job, there are requirements for this job. The big one is that Animal Caretakers have passed imaginary school but also have a degree in mythical animals, a degree in imaginary biology, and then there are some tests you have to take to make sure you are completely fit for this job. There are lots of animals you will have to take care of. Finally, a big thing people need to know is how much people make doing this job. This job is interesting because the way you get paid is on what animal you take care of. The worse the animal the more you get paid. So, if you take care of a drat(rat dragon) you get paid 9 cuds (this is the currency we use in my universe) an hour versus a Cerberus (three-headed dog) you will get paid 50 cuds an hour. Then again, in this job we have fairies working and they take care of animals for free because they love them.

The second job is a pretty interesting one that not a lot of people do but I feel like they should because with a weird universe comes weirder things to be arrested for. Like since we have people made of candy, how would you not want to eat them? This job is a detective. In this job, you will try to find out a great mystery that the government needs to solve or it’s a small case that other people need help with. If you are solving big cases you will obviously have requirements. The biggest one is you have to have a degree in law, a degree in imaginary biology, and pass some tests like the ILA (Imaginary Law Act) and then the IUA (Imaginary Universal Access) because we need to know if you deserve access to some places. Now, if you want to know how much you would make, hiring a detective can be around 150 to 250 cuds an hour; so they get paid a lot. Though, in some cases, you really won’t get paid that much because the case is really small and isn’t that important. Like if you need to find your puppy it will be 5 cuds an hour because it’s not crazy unlike trying to find a whole human. Most of the smaller cases will be done by newer people so that they can understand what to do. That means smaller pay.

The last job can be very dangerous but very important for everyone’s lives. And if you mess up one time you might end up killing thousands of people. This job is a Demon Police Guard or DPG. In this job, you will guard the many demons that are hidden far below the surface of the Fire planet. These demons have killed many people and are a danger to society, so they need the most powerful and trained people to look after them because no one has ever been able to kill them. The requirements for this job are a lot so I will name a few. First is the Imaginary Guard Training. You must know how to kill and fight the second-strongest beast we have. Some tests are the IMT (Imaginary Mind Trick) and also IKA (Imaginary Kill Access) because you need access to try and kill them. There are also waivers that you need to sign because demons have killed some people before…like a lot. So, with a dangerous job, you need a high pay to do this, because the risk of you being killed is so high. You will be paid 20,000 cuds an hour. But some people do think they should be paid even more for this because there are only 20 to 30 people doing this right now, and that means they all have to be watching at all times no matter what. You will be very stressed during this job and most people don’t sleep either…so good luck with that.

Overall, all these jobs are very important and can be fun in their own way. When it comes to what you do and what you get paid the best job would be a detective because it would be really interesting and you get paid a lot for it too. Some jobs that are interesting but I didn’t say are ISE (Imaginary space explorer), Imaginary Doctor, and anyone from headquarters. Jobs in my universe may be very simple sometimes but are also really important. They can also be kind of the same as some we have on earth. But they always have a twist because you have to deal with things that aren’t real.