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My 10 Favorite Dog Breeds

As you can tell, there are many different dog breeds. What breed would you choose?

As you can tell, there are many different dog breeds. What breed would you choose?

Hayden Basler, Jr. Reporter

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The world is full of different types of pets. There are birds, bunnies, dogs, cats, hamsters, and so many more pets that you could own. If I were to choose a pet, it would be a dog. The only problem is: there are just too many breeds to choose from. If you were going to choose a dog, what breed would you want? Well, to answer that question, I will list my ten favorite dog breeds below.


The English Foxhound

The English Foxhound breed was originally a hunting breed that used to hunt for foxes in the English countryside. According to dogtime.com, the English Foxhound breed “is certainly a dog to consider if you’re a jogger or runner or would like a canine friend to accompany you on horseback rides” (www.dogtime.com).The English Foxhound ranges from 2’-1” to 2’-3” in height. English Foxhounds are about 55-75 lbs in weight.They usually live for about 10-13 years. The English Foxhound made the top ten because I really love a playful pet who is very active.


The Bolognese

 The Bolognese breed loves to be right by its owner’s side. It is always wanting to get its way. “Comical and curious, this intelligent and devoted dog loves to spend time with his people, whether it’s going for walks, running errands, or playing with the kids, (www.dogtime.com). In height, the Bolognese ranges from 9”-1’. The Bolognese weigh about 8-14 lbs. Their lifespan is about 12-14 years. The Bolognese made the top ten because who does not want a dog that is as fluffy as a sheep?


The Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies are just as friendly as they are independent and intelligent. Siberian Huskies will let anyone inside including intruders. This breed is not known to be very aggressive. “Their beauty often drives people to purchase them, unaware of their difficult traits” (www.dogtime.com). If a Siberian Husky is not being used for it’s purpose; pulling sleds and carts, it can get very destructive.  On top of that, it howls and destructs things when it is bored. Siberian Huskies also will chase anything that runs like a squirrel or a cat.  The height of a Siberian Husky is about 1’-8” to 1’-11”. The Siberian Husky weighs about 35-60 lbs. The live about 12-15 years. Even though the Siberian Husky might be difficult, who can resist with that beautiful coat of fur?


The Coton de Tulear

Coton de Tulears are from the island of Madagascar. They want nothing more than to be with their humans. “ He forms strong bonds with family members and doesn’t like to be separated from them” (www.dogtime.com). Male Coton de Tulears are about 10”-12.5” in height. Female Coton de Tulears are about 8.5”-11” in height. Coton de Tulears weigh about 8-11 lbs. The lifespan of a Coton de Tulear is 14-16 years. The Coton de Tulear is in the top ten because I just really love it’s size and fur. 


The Rat Terrier

The Rat Terrier is said to be named by Theodore Roosevelt. According to dogtime.com, “President Theodore Roosevelt is said to have given the breed its name after his own terrier had eradicated the rat infestation at the White House” (www.dogtime.com). Rat Terriers are great watchdogs and outstanding farm dogs. The Rat Terrier is 1’-1” to 1’-4” in height. Rat Terriers weigh around 20-40 lbs. A Rat Terriers lifespan is 13-18 years. The Rat Terrier made the top ten because I love their little spots and that it makes a good watchdog.


The Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in America. Golden Retrievers take a while to mature. They keep their playful, puppy personalities until three or four years old. Some Golden Retrievers keep these traits all the way into old age. According to dogtime.com, “The breed’s friendly, tolerant attitude makes him a fabulous family pet, and his intelligence makes him a highly capable working dog” (www.dogtime.com). Golden Retrievers are 1’-9” to 2’ in height and the weigh about 55-75 lbs. Golden Retrievers live for about 10-12 years. With a coat of fur and cute little eyes like this, who can resist not having one of these?


The Canaan Dog

Canaan dogs are able to adapt to any home including apartments. They used to roam the deserts of Israel. According to dogtime.com, “the Canaan Dog’s territorial nature makes him unlikely to stray far from home, although, like any dog, he should be protected from traffic and other dangers by a fenced yard” (www.dogtime.com). In height, the Canaan breed is about 1’-7” to 2’ tall. The Canaan dog weighs about 35-55 lbs. Canaan dogs can live from 12 to 15 years. The Canaan Dog made the top ten list because it can adapt to any environment and it has a cool looking coat of fur. He looks like a giant Oreo!


The Alaskan Husky

The Alaskan Husky is a sled dog that is used for many different jobs. According to vetstreet.com, “The Alaskan Husky is a sled dog bred for working ability, not looks or pedigree, and there’s no set formula for creating him” (www.vetstreet.com). An Alaskan Husky is 1’-11” to 2’-2”. An Alaskan Husky weighs 40 to 60 lbs and they can live 12 to 15 years. The Alaskan Husky is in the top ten because it has a beautiful pattern for it’s coat of fur and who doesn’t want a puppy that looks like this?


The Border Collie

Border Collies have lots of energy and stamina. Border Collies used to herd sheep and they still do today. According to dogtime.com, “The Border Collie, a medium-sized dog at 30 to 45 pounds, possesses a seemingly supernatural amount of energy and stamina — a hardiness that was developed when he was required to work all day in the hills and valleys of the rugged Scottish border country, sometimes running 50 miles or more a day” (www.dogtime.com). In height, Border Collies range from 1’-6” to 1’-10” tall. Border Collies weigh 30-45 lbs. They can live 12-15 years long. It’s not hard to see why the Border Collie made the top 2. With it’s playfulness, coat, and looks, who can resist?


The Beagle

Beagles are not yappy and their noses guide them through life. They just love to follow a scent with their noses. According to dogtime.com, “The Beagle originally was bred as a scent hound to track small game, mostly rabbits and hare. They are still used for this purpose in many countries, including the United States (www.dogtime.com). A Beagle’s height is 1’-1” to 1’-3”. A Beagle weighs 18 to 30 lbs. Beagles live for 10-18 years. It does not take even a second to see why the Beagle is number one. The Beagle is very playful and when a dog looks like this, it will be hard to find a dog that is better.


In conclusion, I think that the Beagle is the best because they love to be playful and they can live to about 18 years. To a dog, that is actually a pretty long life. Cats live up to 4-5 years and dogs live at least 10 years. That is double what cats live. I would love to see your thoughts so feel free to vote what your favorite dog from this story was.

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