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How to Write an Essay In 5 Simple Steps!

         Writing a story can be hard unless you know these five simple steps. Though some struggle when they are in front of a keyboard, others can write with such simplicity. Although, the context may be different in which you’re writing. It may be writing for fun or an essay for school. Even then, it may sound hard but once you know the basic process, it seems like a piece of cake. If you want to know how to  to write a better story, this is a story for you!

Step One: Learn Your Grammar

       Before you think about writing you need to know the simple rules of grammar. You’ll have to learn when and where to put a comma, parenthesis, quotation marks, how to quote, and when not to have a run on sentence. Something that gets on all the grammar perfectionist’s radar is if you don’t know the difference between: their, there, they’re, two, too, to, you’re, and your. If you don’t know grammar your story won’t sound professional.

Step Two: Pick a Topic

        Pick a topic that others, and you are interested in. (If this happens to be an essay for school, and your teachers have already picked a topic, ignore this.) People who randomly come across your story about your trip to Arkansas aren’t going to care about it. You need to pick a topic the majority can relate to, despite age differences. If you pick a topic other people enjoy reading about like sports, news updates, and even celebrity gossip, you have a good story!

Step Three: Write a Strong Lead

         If you’re ready to write a exceptional story, you need to have a strong leading paragraph. If you have a short and wimpy leading paragraph for your story, people aren’t going to want to read it. For a leading paragraph you should at least have 4-5 sentences. With a good lead, people can see that the topic is serious and that your writing is professional. If you start a story with, “today, I’m going to be telling you about” or “hello readers”, your essay/article isn’t going to sound professional. It will sound foolish.

Step Four: Have Three Middle Paragraphs

         The best amount of middle paragraphs is three. I’m not sure why, but my English teacher says it is a lucky number in writing. If you’re wondering what to include in your three paragraphs is various supporting details of your topic. (Your topic is supposed to be introduced in your lead). For a good story for school you should always stay on topic. If you stay on topic then the reader won’t find themselves skimming the story for helpful information.

Step Five: End Your Story Strong

    Ending your essay on a good note is something every good writer dreams of. Not only do you have to end your story, but you have to make sure the point of the story was assessed. Your ending should be consistent with your story, also staying on topic. Another tip is to add any informational links you used all throughout your story. You don’t want to end a conclusion saying, “in conclusion”, “to conclude”, or “in summary.” Transition words like that aren’t needed. Word you should use are “lastly”, “finally”, and “in closing.” There are several more and a good site to use to find synonyms.

     In conclusion—just kidding! I don’t use that to start a conclusion. Lastly, I hope this article helped you up your game when writing an essay for school. This could help for personal stories but this was mostly aimed for school. If you want to know more about writing a good story, down below will be a few links you should check out.

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