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Bermuda Triangle and Devil's Sea

Bermuda Triangle and Devil's Sea

The Bermuda Triangle


The Bermuda Triangle is one of the world’s biggest and most mysterious places. Scientists believe that they found the solution to the Bermuda Triangle, but no one can tell for sure. The Bermuda Triangle has many names, the Devil’s Triangle, and the Bermuda Triangle, along with many others. The Bermuda Triangle still remains puzzling, and there are a few theories as to what happens in the triangle. There have been 75 planes found in the Bermuda Triangle, and over hundreds of ships.


The Bermuda Triangle is a triangular area over the Pacific Ocean, its three points are at Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. The Bermuda Triangle covers around 500,000 to 1,510,000 square miles. People who have flown over or sailed across the Bermuda Triangle claim that their compasses and machinery go “haywire” or start having malfunctions. There are lots of different theories on what really happens in the Bermuda Triangle. Some of these theories being; the crashes were just human mistakes, it was a flaw in the plane or boat, it was just a severe storm, and many more. The theory that scientists are going with are hexagonal clouds or methane hydrates. Explaining how these theories work is kind of hard so if you want to know what they are, just watch the following video and skip to 5:16;


Is the Bermuda Triangle dangerous? Planes and boats are constantly traveling over the Bermuda Triangle; Cruise ships that leave from Florida, planes that depart from Florida, and even places traveling to Florida. The last incident in the Bermuda Triangle was in 2017. There was a privet MU-2B aircraft, and when it was at 24,000 ft, it vanished from the radars and lost all contact with air traffic controllers in Miami. It probably depends on when you are traveling over the Bermuda Triangle. People have swam in the Bermuda Triangle and sailed or flown across it without going into it. The Bermuda Triangle can be dangerous but it probably depends on the day. Just because some people have traveled across it doesn’t mean that it is not real or that it can’t do dangerous things.

A Few Bermuda Triangle Accidents

  • USS Cyclops- This was a United States Collier ship that was commissioned during World War I. The ship was launched on May 7, 1910. The ship disappeared around March in 1918. At the time, this ship was the longest collier in the United States Navy.


  • Flight 19- December 5, 1945, five TBM Avenger Torpedo Launchers took off from the U.S. Naval Air Station in Fort Lauderdale, FL. After they took off, they found themselves lost, with their compasses not working right. They tried to go North, to reach Miami, FL, but they just found themselves even more lost. By nightfall, there were no more radio signals from Flight 19.


  • USS Scorpion- This was a nuclear submarine that launched on December 29, 1959. There were 99 people on board the USS Scorpion. It was supposed to return at 1 PM on May 27, 1968. As 1 PM came and went on that day, there was no sign of the Scorpion. The USS Scorpion never returned.


  • Witchcraft This ship left on December 22, 1967. This was a family that was going to go out and see the christmas lights of Miami, FL from the Sea. The sailor of this ship sent an unexpected message at 9:00 PM to RCC Miami. He said that he has hit something below, that there was no emergency, and he would need a tow back to the Marina. At 9:19 PM on that day, the US Coastguard went and searched the area where he said he was, and there was no evidence of witchcraft. This ship had disappeared in only 19 minutes, it disappeared quickly, and cleanly.


  • Flight DC-3Flight DC-3 took off on December 28, 1948, at 10:03 PM from San Juan airport in Puerto Rico. This plane was headed for Miami, FL. When it was only 50 miles south of Florida, it sent the last message to indicate its position. With only 20 minutes until it would arrive in Florida, it was never heard from again.
  • C-54 Aircraft This airplane took off from Bermuda on July 3, 1947. This airplane met up with a massive thunderstorm. Some people don’t count this one, but why did it go into the eye of the storm if it could have easily avoided it? As soon as the plane took off, it seemed to be going in the wrong direction. Neither the pilot (who was experienced) or the navigator on board noticed. A while after it took off from Bermuda, it was way too far South, and then it moved North, and after that, it moved Southwest of its course. As a result of this, it flew right into the eye of the storm. A ground radio operator heard a faint garbled SOS, but he ignored that and thought it wasn’t a real SOS. The sound was heard again, but after that, it went silent. The Investigation Board at Morrison Field FL, went to try and find out why such an odd course was flown. About 209 miles Northeast of Florida, they found the debris of the plane. The debris suggested that there was sudden destruction.

There are many more mysterious disappearances of ships and aircraft. The Bermuda Triangle is a mysterious place and it will probably still remain one of the biggest mysteries in the world. Some of America’s and the Navy’s largest and most powerful ships have been lost to the Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle can be very dangerous and even frightening. Some really surprising news is that on the same lines of latitude as the Bermuda Triangle, there is another region of the ocean just like it by Japan. They call it Akuma no umi, or Devil’s sea. Ships have been lost to this region too, and it is very weird how they are on the exact same lines of latitude. If you want to see more about the Devil’s sea, see the following link:


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