Foods Around The World


With the countless amount of different dishes around the world. It can be fascinating to find some that are more interesting than your average Big Mac.

Jasmine Grundleger, Contributor

You know that feeling when you walk through the door of your home, or maybe a restaurant and you smell your favorite dinner, lunch, or possibly dessert? Can you imagine the delicious smell that always makes you excited for your favorite meal? Almost everyone gets this feeling, but the dish is what is different for everyone around the world. And since there are so many opinions, the answer varies from source to source.

Popular Foods From Around The Globe

According to Jessy Yancey from the online newspaper called “Flavor Farm,” The most eaten food worldwide, isn’t pizza, or rice, or even tacos. The award for first place in the most eaten/popular foods category goes to, salad. Whether it be fruit salad, tuna salad, egg salad, or even just plain green leafy salad. It’s one of the most popular foods, although I don’t suggest a salad made of dandelions. It’s edible, but again I don’t recommend it. There is a dish from Austria that you may not be aware of that is ranked second on the “Travel Channels” list: Apfelstrudel. This is almost like American apple pie. People who enjoy this tart pastry, like to have it with their coffee or tea. Also, according to “CNN Travel,” some foods that you should absolutely have to try, are Peking duck from China, Sushi from Japan, chocolate from Mexico, Neapolitan pizza from Italy, and finally,  Massaman curry from Thailand.

A  Country That Loves Food Too Much

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like food. But it’s not as hard to find a country that likes their food just a little bit much. Some think that America is listed as one of the top 3. But actually, America isn’t even in the top 10. In fact, the country that has the highest obesity rate is actually a small country in the Oceania’s called Nauru. The reason why this country is so overweight, is because of the amount of western food that is being shipped to Nauru. Because of the countries unhealthy eating habits, Nauruan people also have the highest diabetes rate. According to “Wikipedia” there are a people who are willing to help the Nauruan people get into shape by eating healthier by walking 3 miles a day.

American Diets vs. East Asian Diets

Americans and East Asians seem to be very different whether it be size, weight or even diets. The average American is taller and on the heavier side compared to the short and thin Asians from China, Japan, and Korea. In America, the main protein would be some sort of beef or chicken and they usually eat it with bread. While in East Asia, their main protein is fish and a side of rice. Not only are the diets different but so are the utensils. Yes, we know that the chopsticks we get from the Chinese restaurant are difficult to use, but sometimes a nice change from the usual boring fork knife and spoon we use at home. But chopsticks don’t usually look like that. The ones you usually see are disposable. Actually, these unique utensils can range anywhere from being made from bamboo with little to no designs, to having a beautiful floral design on them. And, if you really want, you could get a pair of lightsabers for chopsticks.

There are many ways to love your food, whether it be by a balanced meal, eating healthy or maybe not healthy enough. Eating your favorite dish, or even trying out foods can be an exciting and another way to appreciate different foods that around us.  But as they say, too much of a good thing can be bad. So be wise about what you eat, and don’t be afraid to try many different foods around the world.