My Trip To Washington DC

This is the humongous Capital of Washington DC

This is the humongous Capital of Washington DC

Calvin Seeley , Jr. Reporter

On May 17th, 2017, I woke up, got ready, and did my normal routine in the morning before school. Then, my parents asked if had any big plans for tomorrow.  I said, “I have to go to school.” After that, my dad just out of nowhere said, “No you don’t, we are going to Washington DC.”


The next day at 5:00 p.m we were leaving for KC International Airport heading for Washington DC. We get to the airport at 7:00 and it took almost an hour to get onto the plane and I was so hungry I was really glad we got a snack while on the plane.


We arrived in Washington DC 3 hours later (11:00). We grab our bags and head for an Uber which takes like another hour to get to our hotel which is luckily right next to the subway. We ordered Chinese food and I get some meat kabobs and they were amazing. The next morning we walk around a block and eat at a place that had trains that served food right to your table.


We headed over to the subway and traveled all the way down to the White House. Then, we visited the Washington Monument. Next, we visited the Capitol. After that, we went to this long line of food trucks and I wish I could have tried every taco, pizza or hamburger but we didn’t have enough time. Then we headed over to an Art Museum even though I didn’t want to go but the rest of my family did so I had to go. Lastly, we go over to one of the Space Museums in Washington DC and it was really cool there was a monument to a monkey named, Albert was followed by Albert the ll. These were the first monkeys in space.


On the Last Day there we go see the White House and the Capital one more time. On the way home I took a three-hour nap which was really nice and comfortable. The best thing in Washington DC was all the food.  You should try it.  See ya.