Chores and Their Benefits

Although you may not see it, chores have many benefits.

Although you may not see it, chores have many benefits.

Jasmine Grundleger, Reporter

When growing up, your parents most likely give you chores. Whether or not you like doing them is a different story. But receiving these tasks at a young age may benefit you in the future. Students learn good work ethic, responsibilities, and respectfulness. Through this article, I hope to show you how chores are important and should be given to students.

Work Ethic

Through chores students learn work ethic. Which means they gain morals on what should and shouldn’t be done in a work or school environment. According to Momentum Life “This trait is valued by teachers and bosses, so why not instill a work ethic in your kids from a young age?” This means that if a student was given chores as a child, they are more likely to succeed later in the future when they are in school, or when they get a job. They learn how to work for someone, while respecting their bosses, teachers, co-workers, and classmates.


In an article on Organise My House “…but learning what is involved in chores can really help a child to gain respect for the house, and for those who live there.” In a way, chores can be a form of teaching students on how to be respectful of parents/guardians and where they live. When students help parents keep their home clean it makes it easier for everyone.


In the same article on Organise My House “[students] learn how to be responsible in later life – a skill again we all need to enable us to get through life more easily.” In other words, this means that chores can teach a student to be responsible with much larger tasks later in life, such as taking care of preparing food, or taking care of another living being.

In conclusion, even though chores aren’t always fun and usually tedious, they can benefit you in many ways. Chores can teach you how to have a good work ethic, how to be respectful, and how to be responsible. These skills can be very useful and help students succeed in life.