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Jake Simons, Reporter

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Hi Jake,
Have you ever wondered what a floating market is? Luckily you’re in the right place! Floating markets are very traditional in Asia, but not in America. Floating markets are always a joy to go to unless you want to buy goods easily!

A Floating Market is a market where goods are sold from boats. Floating markets are very bustling, with people floating on boats, rowing boat to boat trying to get goods that we need for everyday life. Sometimes Floating Markets are packed with people trying to get through huge crowds making it hard to buy goods that you want. A lot of tourists visit floating markets each year to see how cool they are.

Many people see floating markets as a good thing but many other think bad of them because of the lack of organization, many people say, why have a market on water when you could have one on land. But I think they are amazing!

When I go to floating markets the environment around me makes me feel static and is just a feel-good place in general. I think every country in the world should have them.


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