The Junction City Game with Braden


This is EMS 7th grade basketball player Braden Ary

Braden Ary, Contributer

On January 10, 2019 Junction City’s 7th grade A and B team came to Emporia Middle School to play a game to see which team was better at basketball. Both Emporia teams won with pride and fundamentals. Sheldon Stewart and Cale Milleson scored a majority of the A team game points with Alex Allemang getting seven rebounds to outlet to the two of them for a shot. The A team players are Sheldon Stewart, Calvin Seeley, Alex Allemang, Cooper Rech, Donovan Esquivel, Dario Quivera, Spencer Pike, Cale Milleson, Jake Simons, AJ Reyes, Alex Mosiman, and Blake Spellman. The B team players are Braden Ary, Ian Hase, AJ Reyes, Isaiah Clark, Dakota Hall, Blake Spellman, Jake Simmons, Spencer Pike, Alex Mosiman, and Karston Ward.