What is The Medal of Honor

Every Medal of Honor for every military group.

Every Medal of Honor for every military group.

Calvin Seeley , Senior Reporter

Have you ever been scrolling through the internet and saw something about the Medal of Honor? Do you think of what you have to  go through just to earn it? Well let me give you some information on this honorable award and people who have earned it.


The Medal of Honor is the highest award anybody in the military can earn in the United States. The medal is displayed and is given to the soldier who has earned this honor from the President. It is sometimes referred to The Congressional Medal of Honor by some people. There are three different Medals. There is one for Army, Navy, and Air Force but the Coast Guard and Marine Corps fall under the Navy cause they are apart of the Navy. There have been exactly 3,522 medals awarded.


There are hundreds of actions to earn this Medal of Honor. Soldiers can sometimes even earn it if they die in action due to their dedication to save others and sacrifice themselves. The medal might be hard and very painful to earn but every person who has ever earned it will be honored and remembered.


There have been thousands of people who have earned this Medal but let’s talk about Richard Nott Antrim. He was an Officer of The United States Navy in World War 2.  He earned the medal by saving another man’s life while in a Japanese prisoner of war (POW) camp. . Next, we have Richard Beatty Anderson who was a United States Marine and sacrificed his life for our country. He died by hurling himself onto a grenade saving three other soldiers in a fox hole on February 1, 1944 at Roi island.

To learn more about the medal go here (Medal of Honor). The Medal of Honor is something everybody is going to remember. People know when you earned this medal you sacrificed or risked your life to save another person. Everyone who has earned the medal of honor has gone through some traumatizing times, and showed their bravery and fearlessness.