POW’s in The United States?

Here we have a POW camp. It might look crowded but the camp was temporary.

Here we have a POW camp. It might look crowded but the camp was temporary.

Calvin Seeley , Junior Editor

Have you ever wondered what a POW camp was? Do you wonder what it felt like to live in a Nazi POW camp or any camp in general? Well let me share some interesting facts about POW camps in the United States.


In World War 2 there was something called a Prisoner of War(POW) camps . At the beginning, the UK (Great Britain) asked the United States to help housing these prisoners. There was an estimated 700 POW camps in the United States with over 425,000 German Prisoners in 46 states. Almost all German speaking Americans were sent to war due to worries that Germans would send messages to people they knew in the German Army.


Next, let’s talk about how they got there in the first place. Most of the people who are there were either captured or they killed lots of soldiers and had to surrender. Millions of people died in POW camps, especially in Germany. They killed an estimated 2.8 million Soviet prisoners. If you got to go to US for a prison camp you were actually very lucky.


Nazi POWs didn’t have such a bad life the could write back home to their family. According to the text “They were given writing materials, art supplies, woodworking utensils, and musical instruments”(cite). Prisoners had better lives than many German citizens in camps. They were fed the same ration of food as the other US soldiers and guards. General Officers received wine with their meals. They were even fed on Thanksgiving Day and on Christmas. Although people immediately expected to go right back to their homes to see if they can find their families and friends but,most German prisoners actually stayed in the United States to work.

Although there were over 420,000 POW in the United States, only an estimated 2,222 people escaped. Millions of people died in camps but luckily most of these people were eventually returned home to their families and were buried in peace. I personally think that all US POW camps were good because they treated them just like any other citizen in the US. Even though Nazi’s tortured prisoners we want to show a good reputation.