All About My Dog


This is my dog Lucy, she is five years old and super cute.

Jared Johnson, Jr. Reporter

Don’t you like it when your dog walks up to you when you are laying down and lays right next to you? I love it. So I am going to tell you about my dog. 

First, my dog’s name is Lucy. She is so cute. She is cute because when she lays down she crosses her paws. she is white and fluffy.  She is super soft. Whenever she hears something, anything, she barks. She even thinks she is bigger than she really is. She is also really fast. If you want to race her up the stairs, she will always win.


She has a really annoying bark because it is yippy. She barks at everything, even if we knock on the counter then she will bark. She is also is really small, but she doesn’t know that she is small because she goes up to big dogs.

She also really likes napping. I think it is her favorite thing to do. Another thing about her is she is really funny. When she is playing with her toys she lets go and they go flying. Lastly, she is just a really good dog. She knows how to sit, go outside, get in the car and come inside.


In conclusion, I love her, I care for her, and she is super sweet. Also, she is a really good dog,  when we got her she was super cute and she always played with her mom. If you click this link you can get your own dog.