How To Make a TikTok

How To Make a TikTok

Gabriella Rivera, Senior Reporter

TikTok has become a very popular app because of its jokes and such. The app has also been known as However, due to copyright reasons, the name has been changed to TikTok. I have been on the app from 2015 off and on. Still having the same account I still have videos and fans or so-called followers. Becoming famous all starts with one famous video. Welcome to the process of how to make a TikTok.

first, you open the app and sign up. When you make an account start looking for a song or a sound. You can dance, sing, lipsync, cover, etc. Do whatever you think is funny or cool.

Filming is the most creative part. You can use filters, add text, stickers, and much more. To make it easier if you have more than one segment and want to delete the segment simply press the delete button. Press the x in the top left to reshoot or exit.

When you finish editing and filming you publish you could save it into your drafts by pressing the drafts button or you could press post. If you pressed drafts you could still post it whenever you want.

There is always a chance you could get the hype from Charli D Amelio. You could post a trend, or a dance, or something funny. Or your TikTok can get a few likes but either way, you have done the TikTok. Now you know how to make more.

I hope you get far in your TikTok career or at least enjoy watching and making Tik Toks. there is a chance you could always become famous there are 5 million people on TikTok. Thanks for reading my story.