EMS Students Bowling


My drawing of a bowling ball.

Ava Tyson, Contributor

At the Emporia Middle School some students are doing bowling after school at the Flint Hills Bowling Alley. They do bowling because it is a fun sport and they can do it the rest of their lives. Tryouts end January 6th 2021. The coaches are Mrs.Zimmerman and Mrs. Daniels. Our season goes until the middle of January. We only have 4 bowling meets with other schools this year because of the pandemic. I haven’t bowled since 2020 before the pandemic. So I am not that good but I hope that I get better throughout the season. I don’t think that I will ever be a professional at bowling because I have another dream to live, but maybe I can be in a league. I hope that you can come and be apart of the Emporia Middle School bowling team.