My Favorite MCU Characters

The Avengers

The Avengers

Oliver Sheeley, Contributor

Who are your favorite marvel characters? Are they MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) characters? Well, this is a list of my top 5 favorite Marvel characters. All of my characters are MCU characters. This list will not have any hierarchy (no worst to best or favorite to least favorite). See if one of your favorites are here. Also, check and see if there are any big ones I missed.

Captain America “Steve Rogers”
Captain America is one of my favorites because he is a natural leader. He always thinks of others and is a great role model. Also, Captain America’s solo movie was one of the first Marvel movies I ever watched. Also, it is, in my opinion, one of the best solo movies ever. Captain America is also one of the only avengers to ever hold Mjölnir (Me-yol-neer), Thor’s hammer.

The Winter Soldier “James Buchanan Barnes” “Bucky”
Bucky is one of my favorite characters because he is one of Captain America’s best friends. It is also super cool that Bucky also got a version of the Super Soldier Serum. He also has a full working VIBRANIUM ROBOTIC ARM!!! That is so cool! It is also cool that he was a villain and fought and technically beat Captain America in Winter Soldier. In Civil War Bucky is just awesome because he and Captain America both fight and beat Iron Man (Iron Man is one of my least favorite MCU characters).

Thor Son of Odin
Thor is one of my favorite marvel characters because he has 2 AWESOME weapons. His weapons are Mjölnir and Stormbreaker. Mjölnir is cool because it is a hammer that shoots lightning! Stormbreaker is even cooler though. It is an ax that also shoots lightning. I guess Thor’s first 2 solo movies weren’t too good but Thor Ragnorock IS AWESOME! This is definitely on my list of top 5 marvel movies.

Spider-Man “Peter Parker”
Spider-Man is one of my favorites because I grew up watching Spider-Man cartoons and loved them. He has webs and superstrength, spider-sense, and can climb walls! What more can you ask for? When Spider-Man finally appeared in Civil War I was SO HAPPY! Spider-Man has always been my favorites and he’s in the MCU now that Sony and Disney seem to be getting along.

I like Vision because he isn’t human or alien but an actual robot superhero. I mean Vision is one of the coolest characters just because he has an infinity stone in his head. Not only because he can faze (move through things), shoot lasers, fly, and is super strong. I also really like that Vision isn’t just a robot that they order around but actually has feelings and likes Wanda. So, because of that, Wanda Vision is getting ready to be a series.

Since there are so many Avengers I could not possibly list all of them. Here will be a list of honorable mentions: Falcon because he is really cool, has a nice jetpack/wings, and is a friend of Captain America. Wanda is in my opinion the BEST girl Avenger/Marvel Character and has an AWESOME power. Black Panther because he has an awesome suit and is really cool. Well, this is my story but there are also a ton of others all over Google. Here is one from Looper. There are stories like this everywhere, just search “top 5 MCU characters” and there are a ton of them.