Pandora VS Spotify

Music is fun

Music is fun

Ava Tyson, Editor

“By 2023, Spotify will have 98.8 million users, over twenty million more than the 78.5 million recorded in 2020.” I think that people should start listening to music to help calm them down or for self confidence. Today we are going to see if Pandora or Spotify is the better way to listen to music.

How To Pick Your Favorite Songs
With Spotify you have to pick which song to play every time. With Pandora you just pick a station and you can listen to your favorite station and you can skip the songs you don’t like and like the songs you like. With all your favorite songs, and the playlist that you listen to the most, they play those songs and other songs that you might like.

Amount of Songs
While Pandora has better listing possibilities, As of March 13,2017 “Today it’s just 30 million songs in a search box, essentially.” While The Spotify library has over 40 million songs. Spotify lets you create your own playlist with your favorite songs. Spotify also lets you discover what the best music for you is.

And the Winner is…
In my opinion Pandora is better than Spotify. I like Pandora because you can just play a station and with your liked songs they can make that playlist fit your type of music. Spotify is good for just playing one song and playlist. With Spotify when you pick a song you want to listen to then it only plays that one song and then you have to change it.

Pandora and Spotify are both really great music options. It is just one is better than the other one. I personally use Pandora for a family plan at $14.99, Spotify is $99.00 per year. I think that It is a good thing to download one of these to listen to music on your free time through your phone or other electronic devices.