Rogue One Review

May the force be with you, and godspeed rebels.

May the force be with you, and godspeed rebels.

Oliver Sheeley, Editor

A big black ship comes through the planet’s atmosphere,
“Jyn come here, Remember, whatever I do I do it to protect you. Do you understand?” says Galen.
“I understand” says Jyn.
“I love you Stardust”
“I love you too papa.”
“Galen,” Lyra says. Galen Erso an engineer for the Death Star A planet-killing weapon walks out of the hut and in front of the ship. Lyra, Jyns Mom, and Jyn run out of the house the opposite way of the ship. “Jyn, you know where to go don’t you?” Lyra asks. Jyn nods “Trust in the force” and gives Jyn a hug. Jyn runs off to find Saw Gererra and then turns back and runs to her parents. She hides in the grass while her dad and Director Krennic talk to each other. Lyra pulls out a gun and starts yelling at Krennic. All of the sudden: boom! 2 guns fire.
Krennic yells “They have a child, find it!” and Jyn bolts to a cave to wait for hours for Saw. This is the beginning of the movie Rogue One, the story that explains how the Rebel alliance got the Death Star plans. This movie is full of fun new characters and new concepts. Rogue One came out in 2016 and made a total of 1.056 billion US dollars. Rogue One was directed by Gareth Edwards and captured the meaning of Star Wars. Enjoy! MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT

This movie in my opinion is almost perfect. The main character Jyn is a great heroine and has an exciting story. The visuals and effects are amazing and help sell this movie as something that could actually happen. The other new characters like Cassian and K2SO are also great and favorites of mine. Cassian also will be getting his own series on Disney plus which I think will be fun. The opening scenes are breathtaking, it is like a hook for a story, hooking the viewer in to make them wander, to make us want to see what happens next. Then we see Saw Gererra and immediately after, Jyn is in Jail and that makes us just think, why is she in jail? She was just sent to be helped by him and now she’s in jail? This movie does a perfect job of just keeping us guessing and wondering. For the body of the movie, they are on a new planet called Jedha looking for a defective Imperial pilot who has a transmission from Jyns dad who she hasn’t seen in 15 years. He sent them the plans to the Death Star and gave them to the pilot who was trying to give them to Saw.

Bodhi the pilot gets captured by Saw’s rebels and taken to Saw. Jyn, K (K2SO), and Cassian land on Jedha to find Bodhi and go to the capital city, Jedha City. There Jyn finds a Guardian of the Whills (ancient force beings) who tells her about Kyber crystals which are being taken out of the city. Jyn and Cassian run into a couple of Stormtroopers and a tank then Saw’s rebels attack. There’s a big battle and the Whill Guardian appears and uses his staff to kill the remaining Stormtroopers after the rebels retreat. Then a new battalion of troopers shows up and the Guardian’s friend shoots them all down. Saw’s rebels show up and Capture them all and we learn the Guardian and his friend’s name, Chirrut, and Baze. The rebels take them to Saw and they find Bohdi. This fight scene was great, Jyn and Cassian almost died a couple of times and it really showed that Jyn cares about sentient life especially when she saves the kid. Saw’s rebels just look awesome too; they look exactly like what you would expect from a militia. K also gets to shine with his “ I am taking these prisoners to imprison them in prison” and when he saves them from a bomb. We also get to see that Cassian doesn’t like death and he wants to save as many people as possible from the empire even though earlier he killed someone who would have just slowed him down.

The next part is when they are actually in jail and allows them to find Galen and also find Bodhi. They all get put in jail except for Jyn who goes straight to Saw. They catch up because it has been a while since they had seen each other and Saw shows Jyn a message sent by her father. Jyn watches Bohdi’s message and learns where her dad is. Meanwhile, Krennic has finished the Death Star and decides to test it on Jedha after all the Kyber Crystals had been loaded off. Then Krennic fires the Death Star and blows up the city. Jyn finishes the message and the impact of the blast is coming to Saw’s rebel base and Jyn escapes with Cassian, K, Chirrut, Baze, and Bodhi and goes to the planet (Edu) that Galen is on. Krennic is also there and kills all of Galen’s scientists to get Galen to confess that he sent out a pilot to give a message to the rebels. Meanwhile, Cassian has ordered an attack on Edu and they were trying to get Galen out but an X-Wing blows up the landing pad that they are on. Galen says that the death star plans are on Scarif and then dies from the impact of the blast. They escape and try to get the rebel alliance to attack and steal the plans but they don’t agree. Cassian and Jyn assemble a team and a plan to attack Scarif and by the time they have landed the rebel alliance finds out and decides to go for a full-on attack. They attack and capture the plan then send the plans but Chirrut, Baze, K, and Bodhi are all killed in the attack. The Death Star appears right after Cassian shoots Krennic and it kills everyone attacking the surface. The Rebels try to escape but Darth Vader’s Star Destroyer shows up and blows up the rest of them. He tries to capture the plans from the rebels but fails. The plans are given to Leia who is watching the attack and that is where the movie would transition into A New Hope. This part is super sad because all the main characters die and we never really get to see them have a happily ever after. This movie is sad at the end but has an awesome end fight scene. The hallway scene with Darth Vader was so cool! I was really surprised to see Darth Vader in the movie at all, but a scene with him doing his thing, that is AWESOME.

This movie is awesome, I don’t like very many Disney Star Wars movies but this one and Solo are perfect in my opinion. Rogue One had a ton of new additions that I didn’t have a clue about. I have been a huge Star Wars fan since I was 4 and it never really occurred to me, how did the rebels get the plans? I think that this movie wasn’t necessary but it was worth every second watching it. It had been a while since I had watched Rogue One and watching it I don’t understand why it had been so long. Rogue One is so great because it knows what Star Wars is and it mirrors that in a way that I think the Sequels failed to. This movie and Solo just really make you feel like you are watching pure Star Wars and I think that the Directors knew what to do while JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson just didn’t. Well, that’s a wrap! Now go, may the force be with you, and godspeed rebels.