Destiny 2

Destiny 2 cover

Talan Tabares, Contributor


There is a new game that has been popular since it has come out: Destiny 2. It is the 2nd game in the destiny franchise that is going to be on XBOX ONE, PS4, and the computer. It is an always online game that is a first-person shooter and takes place on the only safe planet from an alien faction and it is being attacked. The gameplay has improved since Destiny 1 and there are many new features in the game. Destiny 2 is rated T for teen and is a game developed by Bungie and produced by Activision. It is a full price game at $60 and will stay at that price for a while. It is an FPS game that is kind of like Halo or Call Of Duty because of its 1st person point of view.

In the game’s matchmaking, there is a new feature called guided games that allows people without clans to find clans without the needed players and allows you to join them. In guided games, you need to have a guided games ticket which is something that you get randomly and it takes one of the tickets every time you do guided games. In guided games, you cannot just go into a way higher level raid(a raid is a thing you can do to fight bosses) from joining another more advanced clan. you have to do things that are at your level. If you rage quit or quit the game because you get mad, in guided games, you get a match penalty and cannot play another guided game for a certain time.  Destiny 2 tells the story a lot better than Destiny 1. Destiny 2 tells the story a lot better because it actually has a story, Destiny 1 barely had a story and did not tell the player much about what was happening. In Destiny 1 and Destiny 2, you can get exotic guns and armor for your character. In Destiny 2, all of the exotic gear in the game has a story behind it, making it more interesting. The main faction that is your enemy in the game is the red faction led by an alien named Ghaul. In Destiny 2, you have 4 main allies, Cayde-6 a hunter, Zavala a Titan, Ikora Rey, a warlock, and Hawthorne a survivalist. The graphics in Destiny 2 have improved since the first one. Destiny 2’s gameplay is similar to Destiny 1’s, though Destiny 2 has many new things that make the game even better. In Destiny 1, you have to go into “orbit” to travel from world to world. in Destiny 2, you can just open the map and pick a planet and go to it. In the game’s online multiplayer, there are many new aspects of the game that add to the content you get. In the new player vs player game mode, kill confirmed, you have to kill other players and then pick up their tokens to score points for your team.


The game’s character classes, The Titan, Warlock, and Hunter, are made in a way where they all support each other which helps the idea of playing online with friends. The Titan class is more of a tank class and the titans unique ability is to summon a wall that can give cover to your teammates. There are two different types of this ability, the Rallying Barricade which is a small wall that gives cover to about 3 of your teammates. All you need to do to look over the wall is aim down your sights which makes it easy to shoot at your enemies and once you go back down, it automatically reloads your gun. The second ability is the towering barricade which allows you to get protection from splash damage attacks from enemies. This one is harder to aim around, but you can use it in PVP to stop other players from crossing to another area because the barricade does damage to enemies passing through it. The warlock is a more magic based character that can be useful. The warlocks special abilities are, powered grenades and a healing and damage boosting rift. The grenades are varying and there are solar grenades, firebolt grenades, and fusion grenades and all have different unique effects. The healing and damage boosting rifts are rings that give allies special stuff and the different types are self explanatory. The hunter is a more nimble but agile class that has two abilities: Marksman’s Dodge and Gambler’s Dodge. The marksman’s dodge is used to get around the map faster or dodge oncoming damage. The gambler’s dodge does the same thing but you can not dodge as far and when you use it, it increases melee damage for a short amount of time


In Destiny 2, it is recommended that you play with friends or a clan because it will make the game a lot easier and will give you access to raids and other cool stuff. Destiny 2 is on XBOXONE, PS4, and Computer so you can play it on basically any new-generation console or PC. Some costs for Destiny 2 is that if you have a console you also need to buy a membership for online if you want to play with friends so you are spending $60 plus at least 10 dollars to play the game online which sucks for players that just want to play the game. You also need to have WIFI in order to play the game. So if you don’t have WIFI, you can’t play the game.


Overall, Destiny 2 really supports the online feature, and if you play you probably should play with your friends. Destiny 2  has fixed a lot of mistakes from the previous game and has a better story than the other one. Destiny 2 looks like a really fun game that could remain popular for a very long time.