My Interview with Joshua


This is Joshua

Martin Ibarra, Contributor

Today I was able to interview one of my classmates and it was cool because I met somebody new. So here’s what Joshua had to say to the questions I asked him.

Q:What is your favorite sport and why
A:Football because it helps me get my anger out. I like hitting people
Q:Are you taking sports this year and which one
A:Yes I am and it is football
Q:What is the most challenging thing you had to do in sports
A:Probably conditioning
Q:Does anything get you mad when you are playing a sport and what is it
A:When somebody does something wrong on the other team and the referees do not call it
Q:Who do you usually play sports with
A:My friends and 8th graders
Q:What do you like most about your tech
A:That I can text my friends
Q:What do you do on your tech the most
A:I text my friends
Q:How many phones did you have in the past
Q:Do you have any more tech than your phone and if you do what are they
A:I have an iPad and a ps4
Q:Do you have any friends that you talk to on your phone
A:Yes I talk to friends on my phone
Q:What are your goals for this school year
A:Try to get straight A´s
Q:Why do you like school
Q:Who are your favorite teachers and why
A:My math teacher and Mr Hawley because I like math and Mr Hawley’s class is cool
Q:What is the most difficult thing that happened to you at school
A:probably making new friends
Q:If you can go back to any grade you have been to what would it be and why
A:5th grade because I liked my teacher he was nice and it was easy

So after the interview with Joshua I know him a bit better than the first day of school. Thank you Joshua for taking time out of your day for the interview. If you want to know one of your classmates a little bit better, you can ask them some questions about themselves.