Trip to Disney World


Kayden Barrett, Contributer

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like going on a trip to Disney World? Well, I’m about to tell you about all the crazy things that happened while I was there.

So back in December of 2017, my brother and I got surprised with a trip to Disney World for Christmas! All the days we waited and the good things that were shared in class were insane. Finally, it’s January of 2018, we got all packed and headed to the airport. We had to stay in a hotel the night before because we didn’t want to wake up super early. We got on the plane to head to Florida, as soon as we got there we got on this little bus to take us to the resort we were staying at. We got to our resort and when we got in our hotel room you could look out the window ad there were giraffes and so many other animals.

Now that we are at the resort, it’s time to go out and look at all the rides and food. One of the first things I remember riding was the Tower of Terror, I thought it was gonna be fun and everything, but no. As soon as it dropped I started crying. My 7-year-old brother was laughing and having fun while I was balling. Alright, so another ride we went on was called Test Track, on this ride, you got to design your car, and based on how you designed it that’s how fast it would go. My favorite world was Epcot, this world had I giant golf ball right in the middle. This was my favorite world because it had my two favorite rides, the first one is the Soarin´, and the second was Avatar Flight of Passage. Soarin was a big Ferris wheel thing that took you around the world with a big screen, and the Avatar ride was a VR ride, I’m not sure how to explain it.  

Now, this is where the crazy stuff happens. So one of the nights while we were there my family and I ate at this Chinese restaurant, they offered us shrimp and I don´t like it so I said no thanks to it, but the rest of my family ate it. Later that night, my brother woke up and got super sick, so did my dad, they all had food poisoning from the shrimp! When all of us were done with being sick ad everything, we had one night left. On the last night, the Magic Kingdom resort hosted a firework show, with all kinds of food and candy. We then left earlier that next day and got back to Kansas City. This was definitely a memorable trip. 

So, if you are thinking about taking a trip to Disney World, I highly recommend it, Somethings went not as planned but it was so much fun! Maybe look up some of the best rides or best food places a Disney just to see!