Interview With Madeleine


Maddy, center, poses with friends.

Harrison Trelc, Contributor

Have you ever wondered who somebody you didn’t know was? I know I have. I had the chance to interview one of my classmates, Maddy, and was able to learn a whole bunch about her and her life. It turned out that Maddy is a great person with a good personality. Read this article to find out who she really is. 


Maddy is a great older sister to her little brother Max. She enjoys going on vacations to landmarks such as Disney World. Maddy enjoys holidays with her family and spending time with them any way she can. 


Maddy is able to be a good sister and a good friend. She has a fun time going to Rollers. She tends to hang out with her friends Kayden and Addison.  Maddy still would choose Friends over family. She is very grateful to have anybody close to her in her life.


Maddy is also a 3 sport athlete, playing volleyball, softball, and basketball. Maddy enjoys the team bonding and competitiveness of sports. Maddy would love to go professionally in volleyball. Maddy currently plays volleyball for the Emporia Middle School.


Overall, Maddy is a good person who will most likely be a successful person in life. I have learned that everybody is fascinating in their own way. It’s crazy how much you can learn about someone in 7 minutes.