Interview with Leo Sonnakolb

This is a picture of Leo Sonnakolb

This is a picture of Leo Sonnakolb

Kris Magana, Contributor

I’ve been told by my boss to interview Leo Sonnakolb who is a middle school student because he’s friends with his brothers, friends, cousins, siblings, best friends. I found out he’s a great guy and he was more than happy to do the interview.


[First Topic: Food]


Me: What is your favorite meal of the day and what do you eat during that time?


Leo: Dinner because I get to eat with my family and it’s usually home-cooked meals

Me: What do you usually eat during that time?


Leo: Whatever my mom makes


Me: Are you vegan if so why?


Leo: No


Me: Do you like any cooking shows if so why?


Leo: I do sometimes because its interesting to see if I like that food


Me: What cooking shows do you watch?


Leo: I can’t remember them off the top of my head


Me: Do you like eating after brushing your teeth and why?


Leo: I don’t eat after I brush my teeth so no


Me: What is your opinion on your mom’s food do you like it not and why?


Leo: Usually I do it depends on what she makes for dinner


[Next Topic: School]


Me: Do you have a favorite story and if you do, what is it?


Leo: In 5th Grade year We were about to go inside and I tripped over someone’s shoe and flew in the air


Me: Why is that your favorite story?


Leo: I just think it’s funny how they did not ask me if I was ok


Me: Do You find it hard or easy to open lockers?


Leo: It depends, on the first day. I couldn’t open mine at all but I’ve gotten better at it 


Me: How many tries does it take to open your locker?


Leo: usually one Or two


Me: Do you like school yes or no and why?


Leo: I do cause I can hang out with my friends and meet new people 


Me: What is your favorite class?


Leo: Stem 1 because you wire things and do stuff with electricity


Me: Is there any other reason you like stem?


Leo: There’s a lot of different things you learn about


Me: Do you like the food they serve at lunch?


Leo: it depends on what they serve


Me: What’s your favorite meal they serve?


Leo: Crispitos


[Next topic: Pets]


Me: What are your pets’ names?


Leo: My husky is Bella, my black lab is Zoe, and my rat terrier is Rocky


Me: Do you get your pet’s toys?


Leo: Sometimes but they usually rip them apart


Me: Do your pets eat human food?


Leo: Sometimes


Me: Like what?


Leo: Leftovers


Me: Do you have a certain pet you dislike?


Leo: I wouldn’t say I dislike any but sometimes they’re annoying 


Me: What do they do?


Leo: Bite my ankles and their bark is high pitched


Me: What’s your favorite pet?


Leo: Id have to say my husky


Me: Why are they your favorite pet?


Leo: She has a ton of energy sometimes 


Me: Well that wraps ups our interview goodbye.


[Audio Ends]


Conclusion: Well, that was a pretty good interview.  We learned several things about Leo Sonnakolb, like… what he eats, his pet’s names, school stories. It was a very fun interview.