Harrison Trelc, Contributor

Have you ever wondered why we play baseball and talk about it so much? If so, this article is for you. I have been playing baseball for about 7 years now, going into my 8th year, and let me tell you from T-ball to the Major leagues it one one of the most beautiful sports to ever be on this earth. Now let me take you through the sport. 

Abner Doubleday was the creator of this great sport. Doubleday was one of the main contributors to creating baseball. At war he and his friends needed new things to do, so he took a ball and a stick and that’s how the game was born. The first professional baseball league was the National Association of Baseball Players, which then turned into the National league which we all know today. 

My connection with baseball has always been good. I play for the travel team, the Emporia Reds. Just by practicing 3 times a week, going to tournaments on Saturday, staying in a hotel with your team, waking up to play at 8:00 AM the next day, hitting home runs and celebrating in the dugout, your team becomes your 2nd family. Sometimes in tournaments there are rain delays and you get to hang out in the dugout with your teammates. In my opinion tournaments are the best part of baseball.  

      Baseball doesn’t get much attention in college so getting a scholarship is very hard. After college you get drafted to a team, most of the time if you are 19 you will play for a minor league team. You can play for AAA, AA, High-A, Low-A. If you dominate the MILB you move to the Major Leagues. The Major leagues are for the best players with teams we know today as the Red Sox, Royals, Dodgers, etc.

Hopefully you can see that baseball is a beautiful sport. I look forward to every small thing in baseball, whether it is going to practice, watching the Royals, playing a game, it all makes the sport better. Baseball has changed my life and I hope that you try it too.