Interview of Cordelia Byington

Image of Cordelia Byington

Image of Cordelia Byington

Briar Hopkins, Contributer


Good Morning Readers! This News Article is about an Interview with a 7th Grade Student, her name is Cordelia Byington. In this Interview I will be asking here some Questions from 3 Specific Topics. Read on if you’re Interested in the Interview! 


Q: “Good Morning, Cordelia.” 

A: “Good Morning.” 

Q: “Today we will be interviewing you. Do I have your Permission to Record?”

A: “Yes.”

Q “Alright. I will be asking you some questions. Which I am opening up now…” 

Q: “Okay, the First question is do you have a favorite Food of Sorts? If so, why is it your favorite food?” 

A: “I like fruit because it’s cool and it tastes good.” 

Q: “Alright… Have you ever made your own Food and if you have, What was it and how did you make it?” 

A: “I have made, like, a lot of food, like bacon.” 

Q: “Okay, Next Question is what are some of the restaurants around Emporia you like?”

A: “I like, Um, Salsa Street.”

Q: “Question four is what food do you usually order at your favorite restaurant? What’s good about it?

A: “I like the Burrito Bowl and it’s good because there’s like, everything in it except for the Tortilla and you can eat it like a salad. So you can pretend you’re eating a Salad.”

Q: “Alright. Question five, what is a traditional Family dish that your parents or grandparents make?  Why do you like it?” 

A: “My Grandma makes a Tater Tot Casserole and I like it because it’s like really good and it has tater tots in it. And tater tots are good.”
Q: “Alright, moving on to the next topic. Who’s your Best friend and what do you like about them?”

A: “My best friend is Emerson and they’re funny… and I don’t know.

Q: “Okay.”

A: “…And they’re nice to me.”

Q: “Question 7, do you have other friends besides Emerson, what do you like about them?”

A: “Yeah, I do. …They’re not annoying.”

Q: *Chuckle* “That’s funny.” *Clearly Am used* “Question 8, do you do after school activities or sports with your friends, if so what?”

A: “I do after school band.”

Q: *listening* “Alright.”

A: “…And I play the Saxophone.” 

Q: “Okay. How good are you at the Saxophone?”

A: “I’m okay at it, I’m not super good, but decent.”

Q: “Okay, moving on from that question. Were there any moments in your life where you were just really mad or angry at your Best friend or one of your Friends or were they mad at you?

A: “Nope, not really.”

Q: “Okay. And on that, to question 10. Were there anybody you were friends with and then they suddenly moved away or went to a different school than EMS?” 

A: “Yep, my friend moved away when I was in 4th Grade.”

Q: “Who was she?”

A: “Her name is Rose, she moved to Illinois

Q: “Okay, moving on from that topic. Question 11, do you have any brothers or sisters? If so, what is it you like about them?”
A: “I have 1 brother and two sisters and I like about my brother is that he doesn’t talk to me and he doesn’t bother me and he’s nice to me. And then my oldest sister, I don’t know, sometimes she’s nice, not really. And then my youngest sister, she’s like, really cute.”

Q: “Hm, Question 12, What do you like about your family members?

A: “My moms nice, and my grandma is nice, and she’s cool.”


Conclusion: As we near the end of this article, I would like to thank Cordelia Byington for letting me interview her. Something I found interesting that she said during the interview was that she played the saxophone, which is a Jazz Instrument. If you ever get the chance to interview a person about their life, do it, you can discover something new about them. Thanks again to Cordelia for letting me interview her.