The Birth Of My Little Brother


My brother with a dog.

Mariah Vega , Contributor

Do you have a little sibling? Are you close with them? When my mom first told me and my 2 older siblings that we were going to have a baby I had mixed feelings. I was happy because my sister at the time was 16, my brother was 13, and I was 8. I was the youngest so I was always playing by myself. I was happy to finally have somebody to do things with. But I was also upset because I wouldn’t be the youngest anymore.

During her pregnancy, I think I was very helpful. I loved to go with my mom to see the ultrasound pictures. I thought it was cool that they could take pictures of something like that. After months passed it was time to see if it was going to be a girl or boy.I had always had a gut feeling that it was going to be a boy but my mom wanted a girl. Finally, the doctor asked “Would you like to know the gender?”, I really wanted my mom to say yes but she said no because we were going to have a gender reveal party. I was not too upset because I have always wanted to help with one. My sister was the one to know and I got to help with it. I helped set up but because I was little my sister didn’t tell me because I would have probably told somebody. When the piñata broke blue confetti came out! “I knew it,” I whispered to myself.

More weeks pass and it is December 13th, 2017. My grandparents came down from Texas so they could help watch the baby. It also happened to be my grandma’s birthday! We were having fun and we partied all night. I and my siblings had fallen asleep and it was just the adults up. At around 4 a.m my mom went into labor! My mom was taken to the hospital and my grandma stayed back and woke us up. When she told us she asked if we wanted to go right then or wait till he was already born to go. Of course, we wanted to go right then, I was tired but excited. I rushed and put on my shoes and my jacket because it was getting chilly. My sister and brother already had little siblings but I didn’t. I never thought I would have a little sibling but it was happening right then. When we arrived at the hospital we had to wait in the waiting room. My brother and sister had fallen asleep then all of a sudden I heard something coming from down the hall, a baby crying!

When I heard it, my dad came out and I was the first one to see him. I don’t know why my mom wanted me to be the first to see him but I was. Eventually, we got to take him home and his name was Jaxon! I think I was very helpful and I learned a lot from having a baby at the house. I learned how to make bottles, I learned to share better, and I learned my patience. I spent lots of time with him and I was the first one to make him smile and laugh. When that happened I was filled with joy! Years pass and he is almost 4 now. He loves presents and I love giving them to him on his birthdays. He gets so excited and I love to see that.