My Great Dane



Kristopher Magana, Contributor

The day started with my mom taking me out of school and us getting ready to go to Kansas City. When we got in the car, we drove to McDonald’s and got some breakfast. We also got some gas and a couple of snacks for the drive to Kansas City.


When we got to Kansas city we ate lunch at Subway and drove to the dog breeder’s house. We got there and went into their house. They had a huge house, and the mother of the dogs was like 4 foot 5. She was a friendly dog and we got to pet her. After that, we went to the backyard where all the Great Dane puppies were. We found Oreo who we later named Draco. 


Draco was originally named Oreo because he was pitch black except for his stomach which was white. Draco was the smallest but he had the biggest paws and a dog’s paws as a puppy can predict their size later when they grow up. We bought him and then went to pet smart and got a cage and let him pick out toys most of which were crinkle toys. We got back to the car after buying all of the stuff we needed and went home.


When we got home it turned out he has a disease where sometimes he pees blood but besides that, we taught him to sit and let him explore the house. For the first few nights he slept in our beds. He grew to be very tall. He was probably 4 foot 9 and weighed 200 pounds while we had him. He stole our food, smashed a window, ate a bird, and slept like 8 hours a day. Sadly, we had to get rid of Draco, because he just got too big. I learned that puppies are cute but they keep growing.