Interveiw with Maddy Fay

Kayden Barrett, Contributer

Have you ever been stuck? Stuck at home with nothing to do but watch tv, and cant fid anything to watch. I’m here with Maddy Fay to hear her insight about what shows to watch and not to watch.

Q- What’s your favorite movie and why?
“I don’t have a favorite. I like horror movies because they are entertaining.”

Q- Would you ever read the books if the movie had a book that went with it? Why?
“No, Because I don’t like reading. It takes too much time and is boring.”

Q- Is it better to see movies in your house or in the theaters with your friends?
“In theaters with friends but not if you go by yourself because then you get lonely and scared”

Q- If you could pick one show or movie to make your life like, what would it be and why?
“Euphoria, even though I have never watched it, because it sounds like a fun school and you never would get bored because of the drama.”

Q- What is a show you don’t recommend to anyone?
“Barbie Dreamhouse because it’s just boring. And Barbie makes people jealous because she’s perfect.”

Q- What is one show you could only watch one time and get tired of easily?
“Barbie Dreamhouse because it’s like the same thing every episode.”

Q- Now for the other side, what’s one show you could watch over and over again without getting tired of it?
Riverdale, because there’s always something new going on.

Q- What’s the most interesting tv character you’ve heard of or seen in a show?
El from Stranger Things is super interesting and I think it’s cool how she can do things with her mind.

Q- Do you prefer tv shows or movies and why?
“Tv shows, because movies are too short and like one tv show can equal a bunch of movies.”

Q- Why do you think parents think tv is so bad for us?
“If you are lazy and do nothing but watch tv, then they think it’s a habit. Then you start eating while watching tv you just get fat and it does become a habit.”

Q- What streaming service do you use the most?
“Netflix, even though I don’t watch many shows on there, is still better than most services.”

Q- Favorite snack while watching any movie or show?
“M&Ms, goldfish, and caramel popcorn.”

Q- Can we learn about a culture or history from any movies?
“Yes, because like the holocaust you can watch movies about it and it’s good to learn about. They probably won’t lie about things either.”

Well, now I have to try some caramel popcorn with M&Ms while watching one of Maddy’s favorite shows. Next time you’re stuck and have nothing to watch, call up a friend and ask them because I bet you will find your new favorite show.