Florida BoardWalk


A bird eye’s view of a boardwalk

Mariah Vega , Contributor

In 2018 many people in Florida went to a boardwalk. At this boardwalk you could do lots of stuff. You could buy many things or have excellent experiences. 

There were many store stands. They were selling squishes, phone cases, souvenirs, and clothes! At the phone case stand you were capable of  putting your own picture from your phone or you could just buy one of the many cool designs there. In the clothes stands, they sold leggings and shirts. The store also had accessories like hair clips, bows, and belts. At one of the souvenir stores they would open up a clam and use the pearl inside to put it in a necklace as a pendant! 

They had lots of cool experiences as well. You could go parasailing, zip-lining, dolphin viewing, rock climbing , bungee jumping, and play in a human-sized hamster ball. To watch the dolphins and go parasailing you had to go to the end of the dock and buy a ticket. Then you would board a boat to go in the ocean. For the zip line, rock wall, bungee jumping, and human hamster ball. They was on the actual boardwalk. The bungee jump was at least 200 feet high! Overall there were many fun experiences.

Lastly, I will be interviewing two people who actually went to this event. These people will be my mother and sister. I first asked my mother what her favorite thing she bought was and she said her pearl necklace. I then asked her what her favorite experience was, and she said she liked wall climbing. My last question I asked her was what her least favorite experience was, and she said bungee jumping because she is scared of heights. After that, I asked my sister the same questions. Her favorite thing she bought was her phone case. She took a picture of her from her phone and put it on her case. Her least favorite thing was parasailing because she also doesn’t like heights. Lastly, her favorite experience was seeing the dolphins because that is one of her favorite animals. 

I also enjoyed this experience! My favorite thing I bought was a souvenir. It was a teddy bear that was extremely soft. It had a sweater that said “I heart Florida.” My favorite experience was parasailing because you could see everything. My least favorite experience was rock climbing because I hurt my foot when I jumped off because there wasn’t anything like a mat at the bottom of the rock climbing wall. Even though I didn’t think that it was very safe overall I liked it. I got to do stuff I never thought I would be able to do. This was my favorite thing I did in florida. I had a great afternoon and I highly recommend it.