Interviewing Cordy About her Trip To The Beach

Cordy at the beach!

Cordy at the beach!

Mariah Vega , Contributor

Have you been to the ocean? I have and my experience was excellent! I got to swim a bunch, play games, and make sand castles. Today I am going to interview a friend on their experience at the ocean. Read more if you want to see what made them have a good time!


Q: When did you go on this trip?

A:  This past Summer. 


Q:  Where did you go? 

A: Myrtle Beach in South Carolina


Q: Why did you go there?

A: Because I have family that lives in North Carolina 


Q:  Who did you go with?

A: I was with a lot of people including my  mom, dad, my sisters, aunt, my 8 cousins, my other aunt and my uncle


Q: Do you like to swim or do you like to play in the sand? 

A:  I would rather go swimming.  


Q:  Do you play any games in the water or do you just swim around?

A: I like to just swim around but I was also afraid I was going to die.


Q:  Why did you think you were going to die? 

A: because my cousin left me in the really big waves and I almost got stuck under the water.( talk about the dangers of undertows)


Q: If you would want to swim with any animals in the ocean what would it be?  

A:  sharks 


Q:  Why? 

A: because they aren’t really dangerous if you don’t bother them.


Q:  In your opinion, which is better: the waterpark or beach?

A: Water parks cause the water is purified and it has more stuff like the big slides.


Q: Do you like to bury your siblings in the sand or do you like to make sandcastles? 

A:  I like to build sand castles more because I can decorate them how I want.  Also, my sisters would cry if I buried them in the sand. 


Q:  How was the temperature of the water? Was it really hot or cold? 

A: It was kind of chilly but when you were in the water for a long time you kind of got used to it. 


Q:  What made your trip to the beach fun? 

A: I got to be with my family. 


Q:  What did you do with your family after you left the beach?

A:  We went to the pool. My mom said that we were washing off the salt water. 


We have found out a lot about Cordy’s experience going to the beach. Overall, I think she had a great time. If you have gone to the beach, maybe you can write a story about your experience! Hopefully you had a good time there like I and Cordy did!