William Allen White Books


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Cordelia Byington, Editor

Looking around, feeling the stress, your head pounding, you finally step away from the bookshelf after putting another book back. You sigh in defeat as you walk out of the library, not being able to find a book that suits you and your needs. Have you ever not been able to find a good book? If you said yes, I’m glad!! That means that you can look at these books, and, hopefully, one will be made for you.

The first book on my list is Restart written by Gordon Korman. Restart is a fiction book.  If you are looking for a book with heroism, the power of the past, and forgiveness; this is a good book for you. Restart was awarded the William Allen White award in 2020. Mr. Korman has made a whopping 51 books such as, Ungifted, Swindle, Linked, Super gifted, etc. 

The second book on my list is Ghost by Jason Reynolds. Ghost is another fiction book. Ghost would be a great book for you if you like urban life/community, overcoming obstacles, identity/fitting in, choice/consequences, having hope, sports, family, and friends. Ghost won the William Allen White award in 2019. Jason Reynolds has written 37 books including Lu, For Everyone, Jacob’s Ladder, Patty, etc. 

The third book that I found is Posted by John David Anderson. Surprise, surprise this book is also a fiction book. Posted would be a good book for you if you like friendship, the power of words, and resourcefulness. Posted won the W.A.W award in 2019.  Mr. Anderson has published 13 brilliant books including Stowaway, Ms. Bixby’s Last Day, Finding Orion, etc.

#4 on the list is The Nest by Kenneth Oppel. The genre of the book is Horror fiction/ Paranormal fiction. This book explores disability and diversity, fears and dreams, and what ultimately makes a family. The nest got voted into the William Allen White awards in 2018. Kenneth has made 36 amazing books including Bloom, Inkling, Thrive, etc. 

Lastly, on the list, there is Fuzzy by Tom Angleberger and Paul Dellinger. Fuzzy is a fantastic fiction book. This book is about freedom, control, and a robot being trained to act like a human. Fuzzy is the first book Mr. Angleberger and Mr. Dellinger have paired up to write together. 

These are Awesome books with awesome authors! If you go to The library here in Emporia Middle School, there is usually a whole section dedicated to William white books. If you would like to find some more WAW books go to   Master Lists — William Allen White Children’s Book Award | The Official Site for the master lists from when they first started the awards.