Womans Rights


Womens rights

Janet Madrigal Garcilazo , Contributor

Rights are really important. Different places have different rights just like the USA and Swat Valley Pakistan. If you had ever read Malala or heard about her you might know that the girls in Pakistan have little to no rights. Some of the rights they did not have were that they weren’t able to go to school and they had to walk with a guy from their family if they wanted to go in public.

Before the women’s rights movement girls had limited job opportunities because they needed certain skills and education. When girls couldn’t get education or little education they were more likely to marry young and possibly live a less healthy and productive life. Mary Wollstonecraft, Frances Wright, and Margaret Fuller fought for girls’ education in the United States. In 1839 was when the first normal school started for girls but, In the 19 century was when girls’ education started spreading around the world. (2019) Pakistan still struggles with girls’ education. In 2007 the Taliban attacked Pakistan and it caused 900 girls schools to close and that meant that 120,000 girls’ educations ended. Not only were girls not able to go to school but they also had more or stricter dress code. Education is important today because it helps women get better jobs. Also helps them to become independent.

Did you know that the women’s suffrage movement took decades to fight and win the right for womens to vote in the United states. Women’s right to vote is the 19th amendment. In the United States the 19th amendment was passed by the congress on June 4, 1919, and it was approved on August 18, 1920. In pakistan they had full voting rights in 1956. Some of the women that helped to fight for the 19th amendment were Susan B. Anthony, Alice Paul, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucy Stone and Ida B. Wells. They weren’t always on the same page but they all fought for the same thing. The 19th amendment took place in the vice President’s ceremonial office in Washington.
It is important because today because everyone should be able to vote no matter of their sex.

Owning properties
Women werent allowed to own porpertys. They had to have their husband or male relative contorl their properties that they had or were given to them.They also couldn’t inherit their fathers money. It took a long time for women to be able to own property. It was from the 1700s till the beginning of the 20th century. Susan B. Anthony didn’t only fight for womens right to own properties but she was also in the women’s suffrage movement. It is important today because women should be able to own property and not have a male relative or husband control their properties that were given to them.

Rights are important for both sexs. Every sex should have equal rights. Every state and country got their rights at different times just like the United states and Pakistan. Girls in Pakistan struggled with a lot of things. They had to walk with a guy and they couldn’t go to school. One right that I feel lucky to have is that I can get education as long as I want and I won’t have to stop getting education at a certain grade or not having any education.