Can A Bat Be Considered A Tree Animal

Is it a tree animal?

Is it a tree animal?

Tristan Acevedo, Contributor

Have you ever wondered what bats are? Are they cave creatures or Tree creatures? Well I’m answering that in this story. This story mention where they live more, living habits, and what they eat.


What are their living habits?


Like most animals, bats sleep, drink, and eat. Bats will sleep for most of their day like sloths do. I also made a story about sloths called: Top 8 Incredible Facts about Sloths. You should read it because the final fact will surprise you. Anyways they also get up during the night to hunt for 2-3 hours. Hey also bath and drink water after hunting. They end up going right back to sleep when done. Then they repeat the process.


What do they eat?


Bats are nocturnal and most animals aren’t out so they eat insects. They eat insects such as grasshoppers, flys, moths, and crickets. Bats mainly use echolocation to find their food and its not because they are blind. Bats aren’t actually blind bats that are able to see, they just have really sensitive eyes. That is why they use echolocation a lot. They also use echolocation to find their other bats so they don’t fly into each other. 


Where do they spend most of their time?


The main question here is where do they spend more time in trees or caves? Bats spend the day wherever they can. They spend the day mainly in places such as caves, rocky crevices, trees, bridges, and old buildings. With a bit of research it can depend on the species of bat. Some species of bats will choose rocky places like caves over trees because of the light, but others will choose trees over caves because they can just wake up and just be able to hunt.


Can bats be considered tree animals? Yes and No, because it really depends on the species. Some of the species choose trees over caves and some don’t. The bats aren’t considered tree animals normally, but you can choose. Can bats be considered tree animals? For more on bats visit these sites: