The Truth About Jeremiah


A picture of jeremiah

CJ Elstun, Contributor

Introduction: Hello Reader! Today I had an interview with a 7th grader from Emporia Middle school. His name is Jeremiah Vance and I never really talked to him, but in this article you can figure out who he really is. I know I sure did!


Q: If you could have one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A: Tough question. It would probably be cookies

Q: Is that your favorite food?

A: It’s one of them

Q: What’s your favorite restaurant and what do you get from there?

A: I don’t really have a favorite restaurant because I don’t go to a lot of restaurants

Q: Do you have any meal recipes that have been passed down? If so, what?

A: Oh there’s a lot but I don’t know the names but there is a lot my grandma has an entire book.

Q: Are you the chef in the family? If so, what’s your favorite meal you like to cook?

A: I’m not the chef in the family but I do like to bake cookies

Q: If you were to work at a restaurant, which one would you work at?

A: Probably Olive Garden because that’s like the only one I know.

Q: What are some things/hobbies that you do after school?

A: Some things I do right when I get home is talking to my mom and go to the living room and think

Q: What is your favorite hobby?

A: Play video games

Q: Why is that your favorite?

A: In a video game you can do anything and it’s easy to master. It’s all just a bunch of buttons

Q: Do you ever get sick of your hobbies if so which ones?

A: Playing video games but I still play them but I slowed down instead of doing it most of the day because it’s not really healthy

Q: What’s a hobby you had in the past?

A: Probably reading and before I played video games I would play with toys

Q: What’s your favorite subject?

A: Math, or social studies, sometimes science because they are either fun or they can be useful in the real world


Overall, I think Jeremiah is a pretty interesting person. Now you know a bit more about Jeremiah. He is a nice person and very chill. And if you know more about someone don’t be afraid to talk to them. Thank you, Jeremiah