The Story Behind The Baby Seller


Would you buy a baby from this man?

Sandy Salguero, Contributor

Do you ever get curious about a person on the bus or someone you walk next to? Well, I got an interview with Sam Ralston and we will be asking him about 3 main topics. First His favorite things, second, his elementary school, and then third, we will ask him about his experience with baby selling. Join me and find out about Sam Ralston.

Q:What’s your favorite type of music? Why is that your favorite?
A:I don’t have a genre but I would say classic rock because I grew up with it
Q:Do you have a favorite type of food? Who makes that food?
A:Spaghetti and I tend to make my own food
Q:Do you have a specific recipe?
Q:What’s your favorite part of EMS?
A:Lunchtime because I get to hangout with my friends and I get to talk to my friends
Q:Do you have a favorite animal and what led you to liking this specific animal?
A:My favorite animal is my cat named Izzy, I like her because I grew up with her and I got her when I was 3
Q:What’s your favorite thing to do outside of school and do that alone or with friends?
A:I usually just chill and watch Youtube and Tiktok
Q:Do you have hobbies?
A:No I don’t have any hobbies
Q:What school did you go to?
A:William Allen white
Q:What’s a fun memory you had at your old school? What grade did that happen?
A:Feeding the pet turtle and that happened in 4th grade
Q:When were you sometimes in trouble in your school?
A:One time my whole entire class got in trouble because a kid threw something at a teacher like an apple or like an apple slice at a teacher so we had to have quiet time for 10 mins
Q:Who was your best friend in elementary?
Q:Do you still talk to them?
A:Yeah I talk to them
Q:Were you worried in your old school about going to 6th grade?
A:Yes because they were saying like 6th grade is like the hardest thing, middle school is the hardest thing
Q:How did you find out about the plastic babies?
A:I saw a Tik Tok about them

Q: Ok, but why did you decide to sell them?
A:Because I had way too many
Q:Did you buy them from somewhere?
A:I would buy them with my birthday money since I got a $25 gift card for amazon
Q:Did your parents think you were weird for selling them
A:Yeah they would call me weird and I made 15 dollars or 30 dollars
Q:How many did you sell?

A:I would say I had less than 50 after I stopped selling
Q:So how many did you have in the first place?
A:I had 300 so 250 babies were sold but I also gave them away to my friends

Q:Did you ever have a hard time selling those and when?
A:I would say near the end, wait no I never had a hard time
Q:Did everyone just keep buying them?
A:Yeah like this person kept on buying them daily
Q:Why did you stop selling them?
A:I got in trouble by the principle sense somebody stole a baby and they told the office and the person that stole it told on me and said I was the seller so I had a talk with the principle
Q:Did you get a punishment for that?
A:No, he just said to never do it again

Q:Well we are done it was nice interviewing you

Thanks to everyone who stayed this long and to Sam for joining me. Now we all know about Sam and his baby selling.Next time you are curious about anyone, ask them about themselves. Sometimes it can get more interesting than expected.