Legendary Lucia

This is the 7th-grader, Lucia.

This is the 7th-grader, Lucia.

Jaycie Joplin, Contributor

Today I am interviewing Lucia Hernandez. I have never talked to her before, which is what got me to interview her. All I knew about her is that she likes rats and kpop. Aside from knowing that, we will know more about Lucia together.


I will be interviewing her in 3 different categories.

Category 1: Some of her favorite things.


Q: Who is your favorite artist? Music or art?

A: It’s a hard question cause I like a lot of different people, cause there are Kpop groups that I like, and there are also soloists that I like that speak English. Some groups that I like are Stray Kids, Twice, BTS, and BlackPink. I also like Queen, and this group, well, like two people, called Surfaces.


Q: What is your favorite candy? Do you prefer more sour stuff or more sweet stuff

A: I think it mostly depends on my mood sometimes, cause I’m not someone who likes sweet food a lot, I’ll eat it sometimes but I don’t have a problem. But it depends because some days I’ll want more sour stuff, and other days I’ll like more sweet stuff like chocolate.


Q: What is your favorite food? Do you like it more out at a restaurant or at home?

A:Lately my dad has been taking me to my Grandma’s since my mom right now is deployed, so my mom can’t cook us dinner, and my dad is not a chef. So he’ll take us to our Grandma’s and will eat whatever she makes, and she makes really good food. It’s Mexican Food cause she’s Mexican and that’s really good. And sometimes I’ll eat at my other Grandma’s on my mom’s side, and her food sometimes. She’ll make Mexican food, sometimes she’ll make American food. But I really like their food, it’s good, it’s homemade.


Q:Who is your favorite author? What is your favorite book they’ve written?

A: See I don’t really read books off of one author. I should probably start doing that because that author probably makes good. I feel like I’ll just read any book. But I like the Hunger Games, so the author who wrote that. I don’t know. I like their books.


Last Question: What’s your favorite gift you have ever received? Do you still have it?

A: I don’t know if it’s really a gift, but a while ago, when I was little I got this little Squish-mallow Owl, It’s gray. I still have him,  His name is Gerald, so Garald with a British accent. Or my blanket that I got for my birthday. It’s huge. It’s a king-sized blanket but I have a twin-sized bed. It’ll keep me warm during cold nights but not too hot.


Now we are moving on to the next topic which is School.


Q: When you were coming into 7th grade were you scared? If you were, what scared you?

A: I wasn’t too scared, but I was scared of seeing the people in my class. But most of my classes are pretty good, and there are not too many annoying people in there, so I like that.


Q:What has been your favorite class from both 6th and 7th?

A: I really like this class because it’s like two classes and we can kinda do our own thing most of the time. Like Mr Hawley will just tell us what to do and go and get it done.


Q: What is your strongest subject?

A: I would say maybe.. My strongest subject is math, but I like social studies more.

Q:What is your least favorite class? Why is it? What year did you take it?
A: I don’t like science and I have had it all year round. Obviously, it’s useful, but I can’t see myself using it in my everyday life. And it’s like you have to remember everything. Like in math they give you the equation and all you have to do is change it to fit the problem, but for Science it’s all based on memory.


Q: What is your favorite school lunch? If you bring your lunch, what is your favorite thing that you bring?

A: They don’t do it anymore but I really miss the old Crispitos, they were really good.  And then at my elementary school, they used to have bananas and strawberries, and you could put whipped cream on them. 

Now you and I know more about Lucia. She was a great person to interview and to just talk to. Thank you Lucia for letting me interview you.