Sandy is Really Dandy


Sandy being French

Sam R., Contributor

Have you ever met a person that has the same name as a Spongebob character? Well, I did this is Sandy she is a pretty interesting person to interview. I hope that this interview is interesting. To find out more about Sandy, keep reading!


Topic 1: food 


Q:What is your favorite food, and why?


A:  This delicious bread that my mom makes all the time and it’s my favorite ever. It has cheese and ham and you can add random stuff, topping vegetables in it, and it’s cheesy and so good and freshly made. You can make it in an oven


Q:What is your least favorite food?

A:I hate chicken soup. Like completely hate it with my gut 


Q:Favorite snack while watching any movie or show?

A:Popcorn and chocolate together are so good.


Q:Do you prefer bananas or apples or neither? Why ?

A:I like both. Completely!  I love apples and I love bananas too. 


Q: Do you like cafeteria food and what is your favorite food?

A; More than half of it is bleh. But the other half is really good, like dessert breakfast like scone and waffle  




Q:How was your last year of school at the elementary school?

A:I loved it personally. More than half the people that were in my class hated the teacher, but she favored me. I liked her for some odd reason.


Q:What was a time when you were in big trouble and how?

A:The biggest thing I got into trouble for was almost breaking someone’s arm. I almost got in trouble. I twisted his arm. He was my advisory in 6th grade.`


Q:Did you have a teacher that you didn’t like?
A:I did have one, but I didn’t have them for anything but a short class. But they were really strict and she would yell at all of us.  


Q: Did you have a teacher that you like ?

A:My favorite teacher was Mr. Montaya and he give me great lessons


Q:What is the most powerful lesson that you learn?

A: A CPR lesson that we weren’t supposed to learn. So, yeah.


That was all about Sandy and she is really funny and friendly. She almost broke someone’s arm, and that was interesting. This is Sam from EMS Sound signing off.