The Life of Braden Irwin


This is Braden Irwin.

Jackson Woodworth, Contributor

You walk in the hallways during passing periods and you may or may not notice the people around you. One of them is Braden Irwin. His life is very interesting. Find out about the life of Braden Irwin.



Q) Do you feed your cats

A) I have to feed one of them


Q) Can you describe your cats

A) Zachy is bad, Soni is the most loving cat in the world, Cleo sleeps


Q) Have they ever caught mice

A) No, they have not


Q) Now long have you had them

A) Soni for three months, Zachy for five months, Cleo for two years now.


Q) How long have you had your board

A) I have had it for six months


Q) Have you ever injured yourself on your board

A) Yes, that’s how my arm is currently broken


Q) If you have siblings, how many

A) I have five


Q) What are your thoughts on school

A) I don’t like it


Q) Why do you hate school

A) Well, a majority of the stuff you learn you forget



So, now you know more about Braden Irwin. A guy who has three cats, five siblings, a broken arm, and a skateboard. His story is very interesting. If you see him in the halls, say hello.