This is my softball team of the summer of 2022. With our mascot Perry the Plunger.

Jaycie Joplin, Contributor

Did you know that the first softball wasn’t actually a ball? I bet you didn’t. Read to the end to find out what it started out as. I’ve been playing softball for a while in the summertime, so I am gonna tell you what it’s like to play, how to play, and what it’s like to watch your team play.


First thing to talk about is how to play.

The away team will start the game batting, and the home team will start off on the field. Once the away team either gets 6 points or they get 3 outs, then they will switch. That will go on for at least 6 innings. While you are on the field there are 5 positions. There can be 3-4 outfielders,  3rd baseman, shortstop, 2nd baseman, 1st baseman, pitcher, and catcher. While you are batting, only one person is at the plate (obviously). The catcher is behind you and the pitcher will pitch you the ball(obviously). You will try to hit the ball and if you do then you run to 1st base. If you get on 1st base, then you get a lead-off when the next person goes to bat and the pitcher pitches the ball. If the ball goes past the catcher, then you can steal 2nd. 


Now we shall talk about what it is like to be a catcher


The gear is extremely hot, adding onto the heat of the sun and overall humidity. I have found that it is easier to be in the gear in the 2nd game if you play doubleheaders. It’s a lot less hot and the sun is going down. There’s a lot more pressure than you would originally think. You have to make sure you can catch the ball and not let it go past you so no one can steal home. If you have glasses like me, it’s really hard to get your glasses on with the helmet. So, my advice is if you can take them off and still see then just take them off. Or get contacts.  


Finally, another important thing to talk about is being on the bench.

You mainly cheer for your team in your dugout, or your coach yells at you for being loud. Or even better…both. Your job is to boost morale. You don’t get to bat or go out on the field, unless you were subbed out at the beginning of the inning. If you’re injured like I was, you can do what I did and buy pom poms and become your team’s personal cheerleader



I think the best thing about playing softball is being able to meet new people and doing stuff over the summer besides laying in bed all day. And since you’ve been patient…According to, Softball actually started by a Yale supporter throwing a boxing glove at a person cheering for Harvard. The Harvard person grabbed a stick and swung it at the boxing glove. There was a legend that George Hancock yelled “Play Ball.” That took place on Thanksgiving day 1887, at Farragut Boat Club.


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