Do You Believe In… Magic?


Magic cards

Jeremiah Vance, Contributor

Have you ever tried magic? Or maybe You are even a magician that needs a reminder on some tricks? Well, I got some magic tricks that might help you at your next show. So let’s all dive into the world of illusions and trickery!


      The first type of magic that everybody knows are hat tricks.  The magician uses an “empty” hat prop to pull something (like a rabbit) out of it. It’s so important as without it most magic would be boring to watch or not exist. The hat trick that everybody knows is the rabbit trick! Ex: The magician shows an empty hat and then pulls a rabbit (or something) out of it! Next is a trick that I call the teleporting hand trick. It is when a person has a hat or two and can make it look like their hand is now over there in the other hat. It is quite cool as it looks like his hand is off his wrist and is now teleported. Ex: he puts his hand in and POOF it is gone but wait…the other hat has the hand coming out of it.

Now introducing illusions! Illusions trick you into thinking something is happening, but really it’s not. All magic tricks rely on some sort of illusion. These examples take it to the next level. This first one is what I call the “Change The Person”. All it is is someone can be put behind a curtain and 1 second later they’re a different person. It is cool as if you don’t use your brain and just look at it, then it seems like he did change. Ex: A “Man” goes behind a curtain and changes into a “WoMan”. Now there is an amazing trick I call The Person Turned Into A Lion. Now, all it is is someone goes into a cage and then a curtain goes up for 3 seconds and now they’re not even a human. It is cool as it looks like the person did actually get turned into a lion. Ex: the person goes in a cage and a curtain goes up and now they’re replaced by a lion. Now this one is, drum roll please…the CUT IN HALF trick. It is just a person getting “cut in half”… what more do I have to say other than that? It is really interesting to watch and it can be mind-blowing. Ex: the magician has someone go into a box and grabs a saw and “cuts them in half” but they are fine.

 Up Next THE PROP TRICKS  (like things that help with tricks)!!! These are special props that can create impossible illusions. Now, this is a cool one as it is just special trick rings. They are normal rings that go together really easily. It’s cool as it is so simple to do and yet so entertaining (it’s better than it sounds). The person just clunks the rings together and “SNAP” them together. Now the tricks that a lot (Not everybody) knows are CARD TRICKS. Now this varies from “is this your card?” tricks to “the card is now here not there” tricks. They are important as they started magic alongside the hat tricks. Ex: they tell you to pick a card and they can guess or even find the card you got in a deck quickly without you telling him it. Now there are tricks that you can do with just mirrors. There are too many to name but they all use it to trick you into making something look different. Without this half of the tricks of illusions would not exist. Ex: so someone gets in a box and the mirror, mirrors your head and makes it look like it’s spinning a full 360 with no help with a mirror!


Now that’s some info about some of people’s favorite magic tricks. Also, that’s something you can try and if you want to you can watch this guy that knows more than me and is better he is called The Masked Magician so see more secrets by him the “king” of magic. I love him and all of the magic and I even had a box of magic props and a disk that has magic tricks. I never got good at it though, Bye.