My Little Brother Being Born


Jordy/brother being weird

Sandy Salguero, Contributor

It is amazing seeing people being born and things being created. So, I want to tell you about when my brother was born. Even if I don’t always care for him, I do appreciate him for being my brother; even when he is annoying.

It was early August and it was the last day of the fair. I and my family planned to go. Do keep in mind I was 4. So, imagine a small girl who could barely speak. Once we left to go to the fair, I was bursting with excitement because my favorite thing to do was go on the octopus ride. I would say right when we arrived I was the first person to get my wristband and the first person to get in line for the octopus ride. After I got off that, I went to every ride. Though there is one ride I could never imagine going on; the RING OF FIRE, the scariest ride I have ever seen. I just skipped it and went somewhere else. Later that day I became hungry, so I walked with my mom and dad to get lemonade and food. The closer I got the more I could smell the scent of sweet freshly baked bread; funnel cakes being made. It had a warm smell like a bakery or a freshly baked vanilla cupcake. I never got one though because it started to become crowded with people. All I could really hear was people screaming, talking, and working rides.

Once we were done eating and going on rides, my mom and dad just took us home and everything was fine till my mom started to feel this sharp pain and told my dad, “the baby is coming.” But my dad said, “No, you’re not due for another 7 weeks.” So my mom just took a shower to get rid of all those aching pains while I and my older brother just played and watched tv getting more tired by the second. Then my mom came out of the bathroom crying because she was in terrible pain like she was being stabbed in the stomach 100 times but even worse. I didn’t understand what was going on at all so I just watched till my mom said to my dad, “The baby is coming now.” My dad then finally agreed to take her to the hospital so I and my brother came with him. While my mom was screaming like crazy. My dad called my uncle to pick us up from the hospital because my mom was in labor. I was just excited to see my uncle but his friend came too. We just went home to wait for my parents to come home. While we were at the house we just went to sleep because my mom was also getting surgery to not have any other kids.

After 3 days of waiting and just seeing my uncle, my brother, and my dad my mom came home with a very calm and tired baby. I was surprised to see him but loved seeing him in his first days in the world. I played with him and carried him like he was one of my dolls. I remember taking his nose and seeing him crying because he thought I really took it.

The days go by, and days seem to turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months till finally, he is 10 years old and a lot louder and more annoying but still caring and a great listener. Most of the time I don’t really like him at all, but I do appreciate having him in my life, even if we fight. I find a way to make him smile and he makes me smile. Thank you, Jordy for being my little brother.