An Event That Changed My Life


This is my only dog, Sedella.

Jeremiah Vance, Contributor

“I stepped into the kitchen and saw something that would change my life.” Have you ever had an event that changed your life? I did and I am pretty sure that you had something like that happen to you. I thought telling somebody would be nice. So, let’s see what this event was and what happened because of it.

So one evening after a great day my dad was playing a game and my mom was at a concert. It was the weekend and around spring and everybody was happy, even my brother. Since it was such a good day, I thought of playing a game. I found a game called Joe And Mac (which is a platforming type game and you try to save someone) and had a blast playing. Because of that, I beat it! I was so excited and even wanted to show my dad. So I ran into the kitchen to show my dad, and then saw something that would change my life.

What I saw was my dog lying on the floor… dead. I tried to tell my dad but he knew already. So I told my brother and he was skeptical as he had not seen her yet. And, being an older brother of course, did not believe me. But he became “depressed” when he saw her and probably had tears after we went to our rooms. We both felt horrible but our dad helped us feel better by going to us separately and telling us about how she was way too old and needed to die as she was in pain. I and my brother felt a lot better but still a bit gloomy

Our mom just found out after coming back from the concert. She was so sad her face was all red and wet from tears. She was the person that has been the closest to her and loved her the most. The next day we were all a bit sad but it’s ok as things aren’t forever.

I learned that things are never forever. I am still sad about it but not as sad as I was right after it happened. If you had a similar event happen to you, sharing it with others really gets it off your chest. It changed my life, making me a more emotional person. So far, I have not gotten new pets besides another fish to replace one that died. But now that my parents are not getting any more big pets, I am excited and ready to go and get my own someday and take care of it so it lives a fruitful and joyful life.