My Not-So Magical Trip to Disney World


Me, trying to hide from Mickey.

Jaycie Joplin, Contributor

Did you know that in the year of 2014, 19 million people went to Disney World? And I was 1 of them. Going there with my family was wonderful…until it wasn’t. Read to find out what happened.

We had to delay leaving town because I got a bad stomach bug. We decided to go a few days later. The car ride was long and it was horrible because we had to keep stopping at gas stations so I could go to the bathroom. After 2 days the car ride ended and we got to where we were staying with the rest of my family.
The next day we decided to go to Disney World. We went to see the princesses and Mickey because I was a 4-year-old and I wanted to meet Cinderella. We first decided to see Mickey. When I saw Mickey Mouse I started to cry. My mom tried to get a photo of me, my brother, and my dad with Mickey with me right next to him which made me cry even more. I finally got to see Cinderella, and when I talked to her it was like I was the only one that mattered at that time. After that, we went to go meet the other princesses. That night we decided to stay for the parade and this is what happened. Before the parade started I had to go to the bathroom, so we went to ask a worker. She asked me for my name, and I obviously said “Jaycie.” She said that Minnie left a gift for me. So I got a Mickey pin, a Christmas ornament, and a few stickers. When we went to the parade, I saw Captain Hook. I had tried to hide my gift because I thought he would steal it. The next day I got a princess makeover and I remember walking somewhere, and there were 2 girls in front of us and they thought that I was Cinderella.
After a few days, we decided to head home. The drive home wasn’t as bad as heading to Florida. Although it felt really long for a 4-year-old to be in a car for 2 days. But I got through it without nightmares of Mickey Mouse.
Looking back at that trip makes me think of a lot of things…Like Mickey Mouse shouldn’t be feared, but he is. I think the thing that I could take from my trip is that Disney World took a lot of energy out of me but it was really fun. I felt like I was a Princess those days we were at Disney.