What About Bob?


Bob sitting

Sam Ralston, Contributor

Imagine that you are coming home. And once you’re home you and your sister says something that will change your life. Well, That happened to me. You’ll see what my sister said, but first time to introduce my cat Bob.

So, it was 2019 or 2020 when a black cat showed up and turned into our outside cat. My brother was thinking about a name for him, and it was Bob. It was February, very cold like -20 degrees, and we brought Bob inside. So, we adopted him. It was March of 2021 when we gave him a bath. He was so old that he didn’t clean himself, and he was shedding all of his winter coat. I think he liked it. We got him a bow tie collar just so he could be fancy.

It was November 2nd, 2021. I was at school and it was a good day. I got home after clubs. I was putting my stuff away and once I sat down on the couch my sister said that Bob died. My heart sank. I was speechless and I couldn’t think of anything. I would never get to see him beg for human food again. I started to watch my show to get my mind at ease.

8 days after Bob died we saw the cats were moping around, so we got them a cat toy. They loved the new cat toys and their treats helped them both. I was still thinking about Bob, but I had moved on from grieving over him. I would still expect to see him sitting on the windowsill upstairs where he would watch the birds.

In the end, everything is fine now. My cats are playful and energetic. We still miss our cat and our good times with him. We still have his collar but it is kinda broken. I feel like my cats still miss him. He haunts us sometimes when some doors open by themselves like a cat was opening the doors. If you have ever lost a cat, you should look at the pound to adopt a new friend.

Emporia Kansas Animal Shelter