Emporia Christmas Parade


Santa in the Christmas Parade

Sandy Salguero, Contributor

On November 30th, 2021 the people of Emporia traveled to Commercial street to see the Christmas Parade with Santa in it.

I interviewed Jaycie Joplin and Lucia Hernandez about their experience going to or being in the Christmas Parade. When I asked Jaycie if she had been in the Christmas Parade she said “ Yes, last year for STUCO and I got to hold a banner that said ‘EMS STUCO’ “. I also asked Lucia why she liked the Christmas Parade and her response was, “because it makes me feel happy and it just gives off a Christmas vibe also, I get to go to the granda coffee every Christmas parade”. Another question I asked Jaycie was, what’s something you always remember about the Christmas Parade? She said, “I can remember trying to point out everything I knew and saw. I was saying ‘Oh, there’s my mother, or oh, there’s her mother.’“ I asked Lucia the same question: what’s something she can always remember? She said, “I remember sitting in the back of a truck drinking hot chocolate.”

There are always many things to see and sometimes do in the Christmas Parade. Usually, there are lots of kids trying to say hi to anyone they know on the floats while parents seem to just look at their kids in confusion. There were also people playing with snow on the sidewalk trying to make anything in the snow, while they watched everything pass by in pretty lights. Sometimes, it’s also nice to just sit down and watch while drinking something hot and being close to someone you care for.

There are many floats in the Christmas Parade and some looked really pretty and colorful, and others had people performing something or just standing waving to everyone they passed. One of the main floats most people know is Santa on a float, a jolly man that every kid wishes to have notice them or grant their Christmas wish. Another float middle schoolers can remember is the EMS STUCO float filled with people posing, waving, and dressed up as the Grinch or any Christmas character. One float that shocked some people was the gingerbread house. A float that had a small shed that was decorated to look like a gingerbread house with huge fake candies, lights, and fake snow to give off a cookie vibe.

I loved seeing the Christmas Parade and everything that came with it. I got to watch a show while drinking freshly made hot chocolate and relaxing with my family. I also got to eat chocolate and popcorn that they sell at small stands. Even if they are tiny snacks, they taste even better when it’s a celebration. I will always remember all the lights and people watching the Christmas Parade. I think it’s a great thing to watch without going somewhere far.