Experiencing First Friday


Here is a picture of Commercial Street, where First Friday takes place.

Lucia Hernandez, Contributor

First Friday is an event that happens every first Friday of each month in Emporia. This event starts at 5:00 and ends at 9:00 PM. At this time local artists get the chance to sell and show their art to people who are willing to see it.

Anybody can go to First Friday. People can walk around and look at art made by local artists. Most art is on sale too. This event has been going on for a few years now. There’s always a different hosting venue that is required if you use a passport. A passport is a piece of paper that you take while you look at art to get them stamped. Once you have enough stamped the passport can be turned into a drawing.

Many people enjoy going to First Friday. One of them being Noemi Hernandez. She goes to almost every First Friday. After asking a few questions this is what she said. If you could describe First Friday in a few words, What would you say? “ I would say local, chill and fun.” Why is First Friday important to you? “Because I’ve been doing it for a couple years now and I have barely missed any since I’ve started.” And lastly, What is your favorite thing about First Friday? “Hanging out with my friends while also supporting local artists. It’s outside of school and it’s fun. It’s become a tradition.” After seeing Noemi’s responses, it seems obvious that people really appreciate First Friday.

I also asked Kristin Oberle some questions about First Friday. She herself makes art and is an art teacher at EMS. I’m sure people who go to First Friday have their favorite things about it, here’s what Oberle had to say, “The variety of artists that First Friday attracts. It is a fun night to see people and enjoy Art.” If Oberle had to describe First Friday in a few words this is what she would say, “An Art walk that occurs on the first Friday of each month. Featuring artists of all types. Sponsored by businesses in downtown Emporia.” And for the last question, why is First Friday important to you, “I love Art and like to see what everyone is creating. Especially when some are my former students. It makes my heart happy to know they are still creating and I had a small part in it.”

I personally have a special place in my heart for First Friday. I love going every time and would hate to miss it. Make sure to go to the next First Friday, stop by Gravel City Roasters, and admire the art of local artists. If you would like to learn more about First Friday, click here.