A Pictorial History Of Northwest Airlines.


This is page 138 of the book

Jackson Woodworth, Contributor

Did you know, Northwest Airlines was the first operator of the 747-400? I am talking about a book about the entire airline, a book from 1972 about the airline then known as Northwest Orient.


First of all, the book covers the entire history of the airline. It talks about its early days to when it is about to receive the DC-10 in 1972. The year the book was made was before the peak of the airline, when the book was made it was known as Northwest Orient Airlines. You can see what they had in their fleet and what it was like to work in Northwest Airlines before 1972.


At the very back of the book it has a list of all the aircraft in Northwest Airlines Fleet. For example, on the second page of their aircraft in their fleet they talk about their 747’s and DC-10’s


“Boeing 747A

NWA No. 601 – N601US

To and including

NWA No, 610 – N610US


Boeing 747B

NWA No. 611 – N611US

To and including

NWA No. 615 – N615US”

-Page 188 of A pictorial history of Northwest Airlines. Those were their 747’s that they owned in 1972


At the start of each chapter, there is a page or two with a lot of information about the time period of each couple of years. The rest of the book has pictures of the airline. And within each chapter is a description of the planes they owned in that time period. It will have a picture of the plane, then a description of the plane.


Overall I think this book is great, the History of the airline is very interesting. I recommend this book. This is a very old book, and it shows you what it was like then. You should get it (if it is in stock)