Boba Review

Different Types of Boba

Different Types of Boba

Sandy Salguero, Contributor

I love trying things other people enjoy. And I know other people enjoy trying new things too. So, I would like to give you a boba flavor to try. (Also, for those who don’t know what boba is, It’s a drink where there are things called pearls that are either filled with some other juice or are just chewy). I would also like to tell you how it tastes, how the texture feels, and the appearance. I hope to give you as close as my experience with boba so you can go and try it at Gravel City on Commercial Street.

The flavors I will be looking at are a mango blend with strawberry pearls, a tapioca blend with taro pearls, and a matcha blend with mango pearls. They all seemed to be dripping water from the sides of the cups. They all also had a nice amount of whip cream on the top that seemed smooth and fluffy. The mango blend was a yellow-orange color with small reddish circles in it. The taro blend looked like a nice light purple with black circles. Then finally the matcha blend was a nice light green with yellow-orange circles. They all kinda reminded me of kinetic sand because it was blended with ice. I really liked how the taro blend and mango blend looked with the matching colors of blending and pearls.

Now, it is round two: how they taste. This was definitely the most fun part about reviewing boba. I started with the mango blend. It was a delightful mix of mango and milk because it didn’t seem too sweet but it definitely tasted even better with the small pearl exploding with a nice juicy taste to make the mango-milky taste blend all together. The next one I tasted was the taro blend. This tastes like a milky starch taste, which does sound odd, but it also had chewy boba in it that made everything just how it needed to be. I love how it had a strange but simple taste. The next one I tried was the matcha blend and this one was ok but not my favorite. It just tasted like milk and mango. I think the only thing I really did like about this one was the mango pearls because it gave it all flavor instead of it just being straight up just milk.

The last thing I looked at was the texture of all of them because boba can be textured in many ways. Since I got them all blended, they all had that feeling of crushed ice and some flavors of the drink. The boba pearls were a bit different from each other because the taro boba had a chewy texture to it and was a bit sticky and the mango and strawberry pearls had a bit of a plasticky feeling around it which made it so that you just bite down a bit on the pearl and it will give you a little taste of whatever flavor you got. I also think the taro had a bit of a sand texture plus the icy blend so it felt a bit different from the matcha and mango.

What You Should Try
I think overall from appearance, taste, and texture you should definitely try taro boba because it has a nice flavor to it and the pearls that come with it are chewy and match very nicely with the taro boba. In second place we also have the mango blend and this one might be a bit better to try for your first time if you like fruity flavors. The last one is the matcha blend. This one is not my favorite but it is still good to try flavors and find which is better for you. I enjoyed trying all of these flavors so I really think you would like some of these too. So, give boba a try you might be surprised by how delicious it is.